Radish’s ChoiceView Now Available for Android Devices

Boulder, Colo. (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

Radish Systems award-winning ChoiceView App is now available for Android devices from the Android Market In addition to Apple iOS devices, Radish’s ChoiceView App now brings enhanced telephony features to Android smartphones and tablets. Using existing networks, ChoiceView allows customer-service, mobile commerce, and tech-support-driven businesses as well as individual PC users to communicate real-time voice and visual information with a mobile device user. ChoiceView improves the way businesses support their mobile customers, field force, and other mobile stakeholders.


Radish Systems ChoiceView solution allows callers to talk or text on a smart mobile device at the same time they’re receiving and viewing visual information being sent by a ChoiceView-enabled business representative or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Radishs mobile app increases comprehension, problem-solving and recall by as much as 50 percent over just hearing the information. Mobile users can save the visual information for later use and businesses can track the data exchange, even reconnecting the call if its dropped by the mobile carrier. While talking or texting, a variety of visual information can be delivered to the smart mobile device including schematics, videos, maps, photos, web pages, order forms, diagrams, or just about any visual or data such as a hotel reservation, a doctors diet and exercise regimen, complex installation instructions, or a coupon.


The mobile market is rapidly growing and changing. Proactive businesses have a mobile strategy serving smart mobile device users. Now with the ChoiceView App available on the Android as well as Apple mobile devices, businesses can communicate using simultaneous voice and visual with the majority of mobile stakeholders. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to understand complex information over the telephone without referencing a visual and receiving clear explanations about what the visual is showing, said CEO Theresa Szczurek. With ChoiceView, weve now developed a solution for businesses to communicate more effectively with mobile customers.


About Radish Systems

Radish Systems, LLC is improving the way businesses communicate with smart mobile device users through its ChoiceView Communications-as-a-Service technology platform. ChoiceView allows enhanced telephony features and services to be deployed on native phones and existing networks without disrupting the current infrastructure or installed equipment base. ChoiceView is available as a generic mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phone and tablet devices; software for live agents in enterprise contact centers as well as for other individual PC users; APIs for adding ChoiceView to IVR systems; and as an SDK for embedding ChoiceView in third-party mobile apps. ChoiceView allows visual information to be shared during a phone call with smart mobile device users and results in faster, more rewarding mobile communications. Use cases include visual response systems, enhanced customer and technical support, and improved information exchanges. For more information and a short video demo, visit http://www.RadishSystems.com.



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