Successful Entrepreneur Dr. Lloyd Watts' New Book "The Flow of Time and Money" Offers First Unified Guide to Both Time and Money Management

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2008

Successful entrepreneur Dr. Lloyd Watts wrote, “The Flow of TIme and Money” ( to help people become more productive, financially successful and fulfilled. This is the first book to provide the unified treatment of both time and money management, and it features many diagrams to illustrate the key concepts. It has been translated into Chinese, and soon will be out in Italian, Spanish, German and Turkish.

“I believe that how we spend our time and our money determines the quality of our lives,” Watts declares. “If you invest time in your education, relationships, health and skills, and if you invest your money in assets that produce capital gains and passive income, your life will be fulfilling and full of comforts and pleasures — with a legacy worth leaving behind. In this book (, I suggest practical actions to lead you quickly along the path to financial independence and increased effectiveness in daily life, ultimately to make your highest contribution to the world.”

Silicon Valley pioneer Carver Mead says, “For 20 years I have watched Dr. Watts live his life and grow his company using the principles outlined in ‘The Flow of Time and Money’. This book captures the mind-set of a young man creating lasting wealth.”

Ray Kurzweil, entrepreneur, inventor, futurist and award-winning author (“The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life” and five other books) states, “Dr. Watts has taken the secrets of wealth creation and personal productivity and made them accessible to everyone. With ever-increasing life spans becoming a reality, this book is a must-read for achieving financial security.”

In the book, Dr. Watts teaches how to avoid the “borrow and spend” and “save and spend” financial traps of the middle class. “Accumulating capital and learning to invest beyond your home are important steps that many people are afraid to make,” Watts says. “But if you know how, you can create the financial future of your dreams.”

Watts lists and explains nine attitudes that lead to financial independence: 1) ability to defer gratification, 2) lack of the need for external indications of status, 3) strong financial education, 4) no fear of numbers and accounting, 5) commitment to lifetime learning, 6) ability to manage risk, 7) healthy financial responsibility in a relationship, 8) ability to make sustained effort and 9) acceptance of wealth.

“If you are going to become wealthy, rather than just look wealthy, you are going to need to live below your means, so you can accumulate capital for the purpose of investing and creating businesses,” Watts explains. “So you don’t want to spend money on the things that will only make you look wealthy.”

In a period when the national credit crisis is sapping the resources of millions, Watts’s book is particularly timely, given a recent Charles Schwab study revealing that the iPod Generation (people 18-29) is currently suffering an epidemic of debt.

Dr. Watts’s book offers lots of practical advice, including: “keep your expenses low,” “avoid consumer debt,” “regularly transfer 10% of your income into a new investing account” and “start with a base layer of stable, low-risk investments, and then, as your capital grows, you can assume higher risk on your later money.”

“It takes time to create the foundation for wealth and fulfillment, and it is important to manage your time as well as your money to get the most out of life and make your greatest contribution. Many people have trouble with long-term goals that require sustained but intermittent effort. This book shows you how to achieve your long-term goals, even in the presence of daily distractions.”

More than just a guidebook on how to become wealthy or how to manage your time, “The Flow of Time and Money” is about building a fulfilling life, realizing your higher purpose and making your greatest contribution to the world.

About Author Dr. Lloyd Watts:

California entrepreneur Lloyd Watts is the founder of a technology company, and he has very successfully invested in real estate, stocks and intellectual property licensing. He earned a B.S. degree in engineering physics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and an M.A. in engineering science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Watts followed that with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, studying computational neuroscience with Silicon Valley pioneer Carver Mead.

Dr. Watts worked on satellite communications systems (and built his first chips) at Microtel Pacific Research in Burnaby, B.C. At Synaptics Inc., in San Jose CA, Watts was the senior engineer leading a project on optical character recognition. As senior analog integrated circuits designer at Arithmos Inc., in Santa Clara, CA, he designed chips for flat-panel display on laptop computers. At Interval Research Corp. from 1997-2000, he researched reverse engineering of the human auditory pathway to create chips that effectively reduce noise on cell phones. In 2000 Watts founded Audience Inc., a venture capital-funded startup that builds advanced noise-reduction chips for cell phones; he serves as its chairman and CTO and has grown it into a highly successful enterprise. Lloyd Watts holds five patents and is author or co-author of 18 major technical papers.

“THE FLOW OF TIME AND MONEY: How to Create a Full and Prosperous Life”

Published by Megawatt Media Corporation

Paperback; ISBN: 978-0-9801537-1-2; 116 pages; $ 15.99

Available at, bookstores and at Chinese version available at


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