Low Cost Solutions to Avoid High Cost Business Performance Problems

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 26, 2008

The FAA fined American Airlines $ 7.1 million for safety violations. A technician used an incorrect Minimum Equipment List item to delay maintenance and, despite the known problems, the airline flew the plane 36 times before the problem was corrected. In another case, the airline delayed a scheduled maintenance on the autopilot system of a plane and intentionally flew the plane 10 more times before the maintenance was performed. American was also cited for not inspecting emergency lighting systems in a timely manner and was cited for violations of its drug and alcohol testing procedures.

Diane Valenti, an expert in performance consulting, helps companies maximize their investment in human capital. Often these costly issues can be avoided with relatively easy, cost effective solutions, Valenti noted.

She recommends these simple solutions:


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