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ST Semiconductor (STMicroelectronics) to expand STM32 microcontroller product line, adding more features and the highest on-chip 1MB flash memory. Added capacity for STM32 flash developers available storage capacity more than doubled, to support future upgrades to improve system performance and provide advanced application features, such as consumer Electronic And industrial products, the next generation of graphics user interface.

High-density products with STM32XL release, STMicroelectronics STM32 Microcontrollers existing product line of 99 models, is the industry’s product model most ARMCortex-M332-bit microcontrollers, which provide a variety of storage density and operating speed, and integrate a variety of features to meet various application requirements. All STM32 product pin and software compatible and share the database with an interface device. This shared platform for developers to design only a small amount of product can be upgraded to the same IP, tools and hardware used in many different projects, thus reducing manufacturing costs and accelerate time to market.

STM32XL high-density micro-controller high-speed add up to 96KB of volatile memory (RAM), to simplify the software design to improve code execution speed. New products added 6 timers, to improve such as motor control, factory automation or power distribution applications, application flexibility. In addition, STM32XL high-density micro-controller also adds a memory protection unit (MemoryProtectionUnit, MPU), although this feature? M is transparent to existing software, new applications can be protected during the implementation of the specific code or data. This feature allows medical equipment or Electric meter Equipment and other projects can use existing, software modules have been certified, then re-certified by saving the time and cost.

New 1MB flash memory composed of two, each 512KB. Two-library (dual-bank) architecture allows application upgrades become more secure, the system will first upload the new software to the second memory bank, and then update the software to be securely copied to the main memory database, the entire process to prevent the risks associated with occurrence, such as occurred during the upgrade process Power supply Loss of status.

Introduction of new products to existing industry STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3 the broadest product line more complete microcontroller. Introduction to high-density products STM32F101 continue STM32 XL series of low-cost entry and high-function features. ST series of existing advanced microcontroller 72MHz faster core and more interfaces such as USB and CAN for the character, and STM32F10 = i order Series XL high-density products, will expand the existing high-performance series need more storage capacity applications. XL launch of high-density products, the two microcontrollers include 768KB or 1MB flash memory, providing customers with 64-pin, 100 pin or 144 pin package options.

STM32 product portfolio includes a complete entry-level series, the chip supports USB, USB entry-level series, built-in USB and CAN interface, 72MHz Advanced Series, and support Ethernet, USBOTG and dual CAN’s CNC series. New STM32XL high density products have already started to test samples to key customers. The new product is expected to begin volume production in the second quarter of 2010. Entry-level series of STM32F101RFT6 built 768KB flash memory, used LQFP64 package; advanced series of STM32F103RGZ6 built-in 1MB flash memory, use of LQFP144 package. See more exciting

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