Resistant and irresistibly beautiful push-buttons Schurter MSM 19

Push-buttons resistant to dust and water, moreover with the well-visible LED backlight, will manage even rough handling.
If you have an application, where you need sturdy push-buttons and ideally even with backlight, then the Schurter MSM19 may be the right for you. Dust- and water-proof push-buttons can be advantageous not only in an expressly demanding industrial environment, but also in a common indoor environment, when they´re supposed to be frequently used, for example in various information or control panels etc.

Resistant and irresistibly beautiful push-buttons Schurter MSM 19

Right such a “harmless” environment can be easily dangerous thanks to wet hands, spilled coffee, … Push-buttons Schurter MSM series feature a similar usage like MCS series, but it features a higher protection class – IP67 (from the actuator side). In the MSM series can be found several versions, in stock we keep 2 types – 1241.6624.x with a ring green or red backlight (powered by 24VDC). Transparent ring from polyamide is of a neutral color (in off state of LED).
MSM series is constructed modularly, i.e. consists of the stainless steel body and the micro-switch which determines its electrical properties. MSM series can be equipped by various tact switches – 2 Types which we keep in stock are equipped with the type 1050.1151 from company Marquardt. Mid-rated force of 4,5N necessary to push the switch and the 1mm travel make these push-buttons very pleasant for handling. Gold-plated contacts of the micro-switch enable also to switch very small currents.
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