San Joses Copper Recycling Center, Ranch Town Recycling, Announces Acceptance of Copper Material

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 03, 2012

Bay Area and San Joses Ranch Town Recycling, specializing in scrap metal recycling, copper recycling and e-waste recycling, is offering locals the chance to get rid of clutter in and around residences and offices by now accepting all forms of copper materials. This includes household wires, copper pipes, commercial wires, computer and electronic wires, and all other forms of copper wires.


Copper usage is rapidly expanding, and its essential to recycle all forms of copper to reduce landfill usage and protect the environment, Suleman Valani of Ranch Town Recycling said.


Ranch Town Recycling also accepts computers, laptops and servers; televisions and monitors; DVD and CD players; fax machines and printers; telecom equipment, telephones and cell phones; speakers and stereo equipment; wire, cabling and printed circuit boards; aluminum, scrap metal and plastic products; and microwave ovens and household appliances.


Since 1935, Ranch Town Recycling has understood the importance of recycling to the planet and has been dedicated to working with different organizations to achieve a common goal of cleaning the world, starting with San Jose and the Bay Area. Ranch Town Recyclings accommodating staff and employees are present and ready to serve all recycling needs, including scrap metal recycling and e-waste recycling.


They directed me to a parking spot, they helped me empty my car of the bottles and fill the containers, Terre P. of San Jose said. Then I was getting my cash and on my way. One of the guys even helped make sure I got out onto the street safely. I was backing out onto Lincoln, which at times can be busy, so he helped by looking for traffic and giving me the go-ahead. I was so glad that it was so easy because now I will not dread it and will recycle more often!


For more information about Ranch Town Recycling, call 408-217-6205, view the copper recycling venue on the web at or visit 775 Lincoln Ave. in San Jose.


About Ranch Town Recycling


Ranch Town Recycling understands the importance of being green and is committed to working with and helping the community, schools and businesses become proactive about recycling. Ranch Town specializes in scrap metal recycling, copper recycling and e-waste recycling, and it offers competitive prices. Ranch Town Recycling provides services to several different areas throughout the Bay Area, including the South Bay.

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