SchmartBoard Announces New Education Program

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2007

SchmartBoard, the developer of a new technology that has significantly simplified the creation of electronic circuits for hobbyists, education and industry, has announced a new education discount program.

Electronics Education generally teaches electronics theory, but not hand soldering skills. Despite this, electronics students must still figure out how to design and assemble circuits that use advanced component packaging, which requires expert soldering skills to prototype. SchmartBoard|ez technology alleviates this challenge by making it easy to hand solder these types of advanced surface mount components. SchmartBoard thus opens up the scenario for students to successfully utilize today’s advanced technology for senior projects and other class requirements.

“A healthy percentage of SchmartBoard’s online customers are students,” said SchmartBoard’s VP of sales & marketing, Neal Greenberg. “There is no reason why SchmartBoard should not own this market segment when you consider the value that we add to those learning electronics. This program is to ensure that Schmartboard becomes the standard tool for education and therefore assures that these students will continue to use our products in their professional lives.”

SchmartBoard will now offer a 20% discount to high schools, colleges, trade schools universities and their students. Other advantages are available to institutions that sign up for the program including some demo boards for in-school lab’s to demo the technology to students.

Details of the program can be found at:

About SchmartBoard (

SchmartBoardTM is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. SchmartBoard’s patent pending Electronic Circuit Building Blocks makes this possible. SchmartBoard’s “EZ” Technology makes the soldering of surface mount components accessible to virtually anyone.

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