PCB Solutions Expands Operations, Becoming National Powerhouse for Electronics Circuit Board Assembly

Layton, UT (PRWEB) October 25, 2007

PCB Solutions Inc., a recognized leader in printed circuit board assembly, announced today that it has expanded it’s production facility by adding new production lines to meet increased demands of quality pcb assembly. They are expecting to increase production volume by more than 250,000 units over the course of the next year. Adding an additional assembly line increases the strength of an already exceptional printed circuit board assembly operation.

Based out of Layton, Utah, PCB Solution’s is focused on one-of-a-kind pcb assembly, SMT surface mount placement (smt), box build, through-hole and prototype assembly services and technologies. Although this is an international company, they are very local and customer-service oriented at heart. VP, Steve Niblack, says, “We are proud to have a reputation in this market for quality, dependability and trustworthiness.”

PCB Solutions Inc. was founded in 2000 by current President, Dave Woodbury, in Roy, UT. After working in the pcb assembly business for years, Dave realized that the pcb assembly market could use a more personal approach while still maintaining the ability to deliver high volume. At that point Dave began looking for an establishment to host his forthcoming business. Thanks in part to the great success of PCB’s customers and exceptional reputation, this company has grown greatly since it’s inception. It didn’t take long before increases in production demand suggested that PCB move into a larger and more advanced facility. Just 4 years later they relocated from Roy to Layton, UT. With the expansion of operations they now offer a variety of assembly services, including box build assembly.

Steve commented, “The main ingredient that separates us from the competition is our focus on using the latest in technology. As production demands increase, the competition may add 20 new employees. We often take a variation to that approach and add new equipment or a new production line to meet increased demand. This makes sure that we meet the increased requests, but in a more cost effective manner for us in the long run. That allows us to then pass the savings on to our customers.”

For those of you that may be curious about what printed circuit boards exactly are, the easiest example would be green microchip-looking boards within everyday electronics. Popular examples are computers, monitors, phones, stereos, video games and other gadgets.

With many years of service under their belt, PCB has an impressive portfolio of loyal customers. “With our recent implementation of an online quote request system we are excited to open up our doors to an even larger customer base. We have already had a surge of through-hole assembly requests in just the past few days.” says Steve. “We provide the best quality pcb assembly services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations that our customers deserve. We also recognize the importance of confidentiality with our clients. Confidentiality is mutually beneficial as it maintains our reputation and credibility while protecting our many customers’ proprietary interests. It reflects a true professional relationship.”

PCB Solutions


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