SchmartBoard To Launch New “Open Source” Circuit Design Program

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2005

The SchmartBoard prototyping platform is the first to advocate building individual circuit blocks and then connecting these blocks together to form the final circuit. What makes this possible is that SchmartBoards are physically connectable to each other. The advantage of prototyping in this manner is the ability to test individual circuit blocks such as power, memory, processor blocks, etc. to assure correct functionality in each block before connecting them all together. This makes trouble-shooting much easier.

The SchmartDeveloper program will allow individuals from around the world to design these circuit block schematics for users of the SchmartBoard system to download and use. The schematics will also have a bill of materials including the correct SchmartBoards to use. SchmartDevelopers receive free SchmartBoards to verify their circuits, and a home page that includes any information that the SchmartDeveloper would like to list. As an early-bird bonus, those who sign up before September 19th will receive a SchmartBoard t-shirt upon completion of their first schematic.

According to Neal Greenberg, SchmartBoards VP Sales & Marketing, “We already have people from the US, Canada, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, India, Germany, UK, Poland and New Zealand who are sending in applications. The free program is in a Beta version currently, but open to anyone. Future enhancements will include tools for SchmartDevelopers’ to better collaborate and communicate with each other.” Information can be found at

About SchmartBoard

SchmartBoardM is committed to helping engineers, students, and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. At Schmartboard, our three-word mission statement is “Electronics for Everyone”. More information is available at


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