SnapGear Announces Latest uClinux Distribution With Enhancements

(PRWEB) June 27, 2002


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – June 26, 2002 – SnapGear Inc, a leading supplier of consumer VPN Router appliances and OEM custom design solutions has released a new update of the uClinux kernel which completes enhancements for the Motorola MCF5249 architecture and consolidates updates and applications for one free and easy download for embedded Linux developers worldwide.

Some of the highlights of the distribution include:

Ethernet, audio and IDE support for the M5249C3 board

GDB/armulator target

SnapGear native board targets

Dragonix/VZ support

Initial code integration of OPENcore architecture support

Many bug fixes

SnapGear engineer, Greg Ungerer, said: “Our main reason for the release was to finish off the MCF5249 offering with a new audio driver, IDE and Ethernet support. We did both the 5249 and ARM Emulator work but many others have also contributed patches. It is a uClinux community effort.”

Availability The release is date versioned 20020613 and the archive contains both 2.0 and 2.4 kernel support.

About uClinux

uClinux, or “Micro-Controller Linux”, is the popular variant of mainstream Linux specifically for MMU-less processors and deeply embedded systems, adopted by companies such as Red Hat. Not a separate fork but rather a “shadowing” of the mainstream Linux kernel, uClinux is the world’s favorite embedded Linux choice for system architectures lacking a MMU (Memory Management Unit) such as DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and SoC (System On Chip) embedded systems.

Many commercial applications of uClinux have become possible due to the small footprint (as little as half a megabyte of RAM for a complete multi-tasking kernel and networking stack.) It is now possible to build Linux appliances as small as an inch by an inch with 4Mb each of Flash and RAM yielding Internet-ready products. For more information on uClinux please visit

About SnapGear

SnapGear Inc. produces SnapGear VPN Firewall Appliances designed to provide Internet security and privacy of communications for small to medium enterprises. SnapGear also does complete custom engineering and provides turnkey development, design, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for major telecommunications companies and silicon manufacturers. For more information on SnapGear please visit

For more information on SnapGear OEM services please visit

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