MCC I2C Bus Host Adapter Upgraded for Advanced Control

HOPEWELL, N.J. (PRWEB) July 11, 2002 – –

Micro Computer Control Corporation (MCC), developers and manufacturers of I2C products, today announced the release of an upgraded I2C bus host adapter that provides advanced control features.

Leading semiconductor, computer, and electronic equipment manufacturers worldwide use MCC’s I2C products to implement device control, multi-processor communication, and diagnostic connectivity in a variety of electronic products including mobile phones, personal computers, and computer servers.

The iPort/AFM provides I2C connectivity to any host computer. The Version 2 upgrade includes advanced features that allow user’s to communicate with devices using I2C, 2-Wire, “I2C Like”, and Low Level Signal Control. An application program sends simple ASCII text commands out the RS-232 serial port to set up the adapter and send or receive messages. The adapter works with Single Board Computers, and embedded microprocessors or microcontrollers with an RS-232 serial port. The iPort/AFM offers plug-in compatibility with the previously available MCC iPort/AI host adapter, with an immediate 4X to 40X bus throughput improvement.

Used by a variety of engineers, MCC’s iPort/AFM (ASCII Fast Mode) host adapter brings new levels of performance to development, test, and embedded systems that require an I2C bus co-processor. The added improvements enable designers to meet the expanding role of I2C in high-speed control and data intensive applications.

The iPort/AFM V2 is available now and priced at $ 399.95 per unit. Each iPort/AFM unit includes the iPort Utility Pack software with two Windows-based programs that enables the sending and receiving of the I2C bus messages within moments of installation. Users can create custom programs in any computer language that supports RS-232 communication. A complete ASCII command set and sample code is included in the User’s Guide and also available online.

More About MCC

Located in Hopewell, New Jersey, MCC is a leading provider of I2C Products. Used by electronic and software engineers around the world to develop next-generation electronic devices, the Company’s clients include Intel, National Semiconductor, Compaq, Dell and other market leaders. For more information, please visit

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