STM32C0: The Most Affordable 32-Bit MCU That Will Change the Way You Design

The STM32C0 microcontroller series from ST aims to bring the benefits of 32-bit technology within reach of all developers.

Currently the STM32C0 offers options with as little as 16 KB flash memory available in small 8-pin packages, up to 32 KB flash in devices with 48 pins. However, by 2024 ST plans to expand the STM32C0 portfolio significantly.

Newer STM32C0 microcontrollers will provide up to 256 KB of on-chip flash memory, more than an eightfold increase from current capacities. Package sizes will also increase, with 64-pin options joining the lineup.

By continuing to drive down costs while increasing memory and peripheral capabilities, ST hopes the STM32C0 can make the performance and functionality of 32-bit MCUs accessible for an even wider range of applications and budgets. Developers stand to gain powerful, full-featured 32-bit solutions at prices previously only affordable with 8-bit microcontrollers.

The STM32C0 portfolio at a glance

Why choose the STM32C0 microcontrollers?

The STM32C0 from ST looks to eliminate barriers preventing access to the power of 32-bit designs. By offering a more affordable option than other STM32 microcontrollers, it bridges the gap between lower-cost 8- or 16-bit MCUs and higher performance 32-bit solutions.

Driven by the widely-used Arm Cortex-M0+ processor running at up to 48 MHz, the STM32C0 empowers developers to achieve more compared to alternative microcontrollers in the same price range. Engineers gain access to 32-bit processing capabilities and the full feature set of the STM32 platform without the premium of higher end STM32 parts.

With its combination of competitive price point and processing efficiency, the STM32C0 removes limitations keeping some applications tied to older 8- or 16-bit architectures. It provides a migration path to the benefits of 32-bit designs for any domain seeking improved functionality on a budget.

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