SureFire's New Outdoorsman(tm) Series Ideal For Hunters

(PRWEB) April 28, 2005

Venturing into the great outdoors to camp under the stars means leaving the city lights behind, but you won’t be lacking for reliable illumination with SureFire’s new Outdoorsman Series of flashlights. There are two models in the new series and both use SureFire’s advanced electronics to power a high-brightness light emitting diode (LED) for long life and superb beam output.

The E1L and E2L Outdoorsman(tm), powered by one and two lithium batteries respectively, utilize SureFire’s latest innovation in light sources. The LED is a Luxeon 3 watt single-diode semiconductor producing 30 lumens for six hours in the two-battery E2L Outdoorsman and 25 lumens for four hours in the single-battery E1L Outdoorsman.

Both models are operated with an ergonomic click-on tailcap. Press the patented tailcap gently for momentary illumination or click it on for constant light. Rotate the switch outward one full revolution to “lock out” the tailcap to prevent inadvertently draining the batteries when an Outdoorsman is stowed in a pack or duffle.

Ideal for hunters, the single-battery Outdoorsman comes with a short pocket clip that doubles as a fast and easy hands-free headlight by clipping the 3 ounce light to the bill of a cap. The two-battery Outdoorsman comes with a longer pocket clip, perfect for thick winter clothing, but also easily clipped to a cap.

Both Outdoorsman models are CNC machined from aerospace-grade aluminum with a natural hard anodized finish of Type III MilSpec standards. They are O-ring sealed against moisture. Made in the USA, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Accessories for the pair of Outdoorsman include colored filters. A red filter is recommended for pre-dawn movement to a tree stand or blind because game can’t see in the red color spectrum. Blue filters are useful for blood trailing in low light because blood can be more easily discerned under blue light, appearing to glisten and standout as a black color.

Also, a rugged Spares Carrier can be added to a day pack to hold either four or six extra SureFire high-energy lithium batteries. SureFire lithium batteries are made in the USA and come with UL approval and two built-in safety devices against short circuiting or over-heating. SureFire sells a box of 12 lithium batteries for only $ 15.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the single-battery E1L Outdoorsman is $ 98 while the two-battery E2L Outdoorsman carries an MSRP of $ 115.

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