TAITRA to Host Taiwan Nanotechnology & Business Opportunity Seminar in Anaheim, Calif.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2005

TAITRA, the largest trade promotion organization in Taiwan, will host the Taiwan Nanotechnology & Business Opportunity Seminar at the 2005 NSTI Nano Tech on May 9th to introduce the development of Nano Technology in Taiwan (http://www.nanotech2005.com) and its latest event – Taiwan Nanotech Week, September 21 – 25, 2005.


The Taiwan Nanotechnology & Business Opportunity Seminar will be held at 1:30 p.m. on May 9th at the Gold Key Room #2, Marriott Hotel Anaheim. The seminar will feature keynote speeches on Business Opportunities of Nanotechnology in Taiwan addressed by Dr. Jer-Young Chen, Project leader of Technology Integration and Promotion of Nanotechnology Industrialization in Taiwan and “Development Trends of Nanotech in Taiwan” presented by Dr. Chao-An Jong, Program Manager of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). It’s also privilege to invite Dr. Bo Varga (Chair, Steering Committee, nanoSIG and the managing director of Silicon Valley, NANO Ventures) to deliver a speech on the topic of “Global Trends of Nanotech and International Collaboration.” He will share valuable insight into the commercialization of Nanotech and investment strategies.


The organizers of this seminar will also display nanotech applications from Taiwan such as the quantum dot infra photo detector, self-clean and wear-resisting paint, nanocapsule, wear-resisting PU composite, nanoimprint technology, etc.


Taiwan Nanotech Week 2005 will be held September 21 to 25 in Taiwan. It comprises a complete line-up of dynamic activities, including the 2005 Taiwan Business Alliance Forum, International Nano Technology Exhibition, Annual Technical Report Conference, APEC nanoscale Measurement Technology Forum, International Workshop and Partnering Opportunity Meetings that welcomes the active participation of more than 400 international firms and multinational conglomerates. The integrated resources from local industry, the public sector and academic community will foster cluster impact to further contribute to the unlimited potential for international technology collaboration, investment, and trade.


“Taiwan Nano Tech 2005” offers seven winning sectors of nano-materials, nano-applications, overseas exhibitors and pavilions, academic research, institutions, the theme area, media services, and a special convergence area. These sectors encompass the seven major theme exhibitions including Materials & applications; Electronics & optoelectronics; Biotechnology; Environment & energy; Evaluation & measurement tools; MEMS; Micro-Nano fabrication technology & equipment.


The show along with the industry is striving to become Asia’s best in production, markets and technology. The government has allocated $ 700 million USD for a six-year program that will promote national nano-tech along with related science and technology projects. This massive effort builds upon Taiwan’s glowing track record where it leads global output in many biotech and electronic sectors. In 2004, the productivity of Taiwan’s nano-tech industry reached $ 530 million USD. According to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), projections are expected to increase by 250% in growth in 2005, achieving a value of 1.3 billion US dollars.


Taiwan Nano Tech 2005 has been widely received across a number of industries, including those in the semiconductor, nano-material, IC circuit, precision instrument, optoelectronics, electronics, textile, medicine, and biotechnology. Only this event offers such great opportunities to collaborate, commercialize, and further strategic alliances.


For further details, visit http://www.TaipeiTradeShows.com.tw/Nano.


About Taiwan Trade Center in San Francisco & TAITRA:


Taiwan Trade Center in San Francisco (http://www.taitra.org.tw) is an international branch of Taiwan Trade External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). TAITRA is a premier non-profit trade organization with over 33 years of experience in specialized trade promotion of Taiwan. We have developed a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network composed of a staff of over 700 trained specialists stationed throughout the world. To help global traders do business with Taiwan, we organize more than 20 international trade shows each year and administrate a national trade portal site, (http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw).




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