Teacher Uses Training Programs Developed by Former Student

Sparta, NJ (PRWEB) March 15, 2006

Ask any teacher, its always a thrill when a former student comes back to visit. A teacher feels excitement when she sees one of her former students written up in the local newspaper. But imagine the pride and joy felt by a teacher when he implements a training program developed by a former student.

This is just what is happening for Pete Renna at Sussex Tech in Sparta, NJ. Mr. Renna has been the Electronics Instructor at the school for the past 14 years. Ed Hart, Jr. is the founder of Intellitronic Devices, LLC and one of Mr. Rennas former students. Today, the Electronics program at Sussex Tech is enhanced with products developed by Mr. Hart and manufactured, by other former students employed by Hart, at his companys Headquarters in Sparta. Sussex Tech is also a beta-site for the companys soon-to-be-released product line, ETECH: The Digital Electronics Enhancement Systems.

Intellitronic Devices SMT Rework and Exploration Kit is a must for any high school or post secondary Electronics program, shares Mr. Renna. The kit captures the essence of todays miniaturized component technology. Students gain experience with surface mount devices on a level which matches an actual on the job fabrication. The kit includes a CD which contains documentation that makes this kit a real industry application. The info in itself is a valuable learning tool.

Kellie Garrigan is a senior in the Electronics program at Sussex Tech. The different sized parts make it ideal for educational use. The different circuits do not completely rely on the others so troubleshooting wasnt as daunting. It was fun and challenging.

I like the project; it was challenging, states Dave Promnitz, a Sussex Tech junior. I learned a lot about SMT components. The directions were put together well and easy to follow.

The SMT Rework and Exploration Kit is an innovative and economical training aid for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Students gain a hands-on and comprehensive insight into the basics of SMT. Teachers can provide students with an introduction to the most widely utilized component types and sizes in the Electronics Industry. The Kit contains 210 components that are combined to create one large operational circuit for hours of educational enjoyment. Additional troubleshooting and circuit manipulation skills are developed utilizing the provided Electronics Workbench multiSIM files.

I have been teaching Electronics since 1978 and I personally have kept my programs current with the changes that have taken place within the past decades, continues Mr. Renna. If you currently teach or are responsible for the training of anyone involved with Electronics Technology then you should without question be teaching aspects of surface mount technology. Intellitronic Devices kit is absolutely the best training medium I presently use with my students.

About Intellitronic Devices, LLC

Intellitronic Devices, LLC is a product designer and manufacturer of innovative Electronics Educational Systems, as well as Electronic and Mechanical Devices. Our Educational Systems, focusing on Surface Mount Technology (SMT), provide students with the most comprehensive insight into this technology. We provide an economical, hands-on approach for students to learn SMT. Students build the circuits, gain an in-depth understanding of the technology and develop troubleshooting and circuit manipulation skills.

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