The Single Greatest Investment We Have Made For Our Students

Sparta, NJ (PRWEB) April 5, 2006

The Electronics Technology program at the Lee County High Tech Center Central, Fort Myers, FL is flourishing. One of the reasons for this success is the SMT-210 Rework and Exploration Kit developed and manufactured by Sparta-based Intellitronic Devices, LLC.

The SMT-210 is the single greatest investment we have made for our students, explains Matt Lord, Electronics Technology Instructor. The all-inclusive kit allows my students to practice identifying components, handling and placing of the parts, as well as learning various soldering methods. The added bonus is when the students are finished they get to test the circuits that they just soldered.

The Electronics Technology program at High Tech Central covers a wide variety of electronics topics including DC/AC, semiconductors, microprocessors and programming. In developing its curriculum, the school consulted with an Advisory Board comprised of local businesses. Soldering, and specifically the soldering of Surface Mount Components is one of the skills challenge requirements.

Upon investigation of various products, it was determined that Intellitronic Devices SMT-210 was not only the most comprehensive product available, but the most economical as well. Mr. Lord shares, No matter what aspect of electronics you get into, Soldering skills are very important in today’s world of Electronics manufacturing and troubleshooting. Future employees need up-to-date training and the SMT-210 kit gives the students the chance to experience this first hand. We use the SMT-210 board in class to familiarize students with surface mount components, specifications, handling, placement and soldering techniques.

Its not just the teachers and advisory board members who are impressed with this innovative product. According to student Matthew P. Bildzukewicz, It was a good learning experience. Its just like what you would see in the real world. I had some prior experience installing SM components, but not the quantity and variety of components on the SMT-210 kit.

Jennifer Keep is an Electronics Technician as well as a student in Mr. Lords class. Before working on the SMT-210 kit, I had minimal surface mount soldering experience. The kit has improved my soldering skills both at work and in the classroom.

Identifying curriculum enhancements is very important for High Tech Central. According to Mr. Lord, our local advisory board members have reviewed the SMT-210 kit and agree that it really complements the training we offer here at High Tech Central. It provides the student a chance to see and feel the real thing before getting hired.

About Lee County High Tech Center Centrals Electronic Technology Program

The Electronic Technology program encompasses classroom, laboratory, and field experience regarding direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuits; semiconductors; analog, digital, and microprocessor circuits; reading circuit schematics; circuit analyzing and troubleshooting; and use of special tools, test equipment, and reference materials. The program content includes: Fundamentals of DC Circuits, Fundamentals of AC Circuits, Basic Computer Usage, Solid State Devices, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Microprocessor Fundamentals, Basic and Advanced Soldering, Soldering Rework and Repair, Technical Reporting and Lab Practices, Communication Skills, Basic Math Skills, Basic Science Skills, Employability Skills, Entrepreneurship, Light & Fiber Optic Communications, Security Alarm Systems, and Robotics Construction & Programming.

About Lee County High Tech Center Central

Lee County High Tech Center Central provides career/technical programs for both high school and adult students 16 years and older that are pursuing and developing skills to enable them to gain successful employment. The school provides services for a five county area. Program completers are successfully working in many local businesses and industries. Many of these companies contact the school seeking qualified employees. The school offers over 30 different training programs and has served the community since 1967.

About Intellitronic Devices, LLC

Intellitronic Devices, LLC is a product designer and manufacturer of innovative Electronics Educational Systems, as well as Electronic and Mechanical Devices. Our Educational Systems, focusing on Surface Mount Technology (SMT), provide students with the most comprehensive insight into this technology. We provide an economical, hands-on approach for students to learn SMT. Students build the circuits, gain an in-depth understanding of the technology and develop troubleshooting and circuit manipulation skills.

In addition to the products we manufacture, Intellitronic Devices is a distributor of inexpensive, high quality electronic assembly and test equipment; items that will significantly enhance your Electronics classroom.


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