TechNote Time Watch Company Announces the "Marriage" of AC and DC Ohm’s Law

(PRWEB) February 12, 2005

To complement its successful Ohm’s law wristwatch line, TechNote Time Watch Company announces their newest timepiece for the Spring 2005 season.


There were two challenges TechNote Time wanted to meet with their newest product offering. Their first challenge was to satisfy the demand for a timepiece which incorporated both the AC and the DC Ohm’s law formulas into one product. The second was to have a watch that electrical trade workers would not have to remove before working on live electrical circuits. TechNote Time’s newest timepiece, the HangTime ACDC clip-on watch, is their solution to both challenges, and should be a big hit with electricians.


TechNote Time’s branded product, the HangTime ACDC clip-on watch, lets electrical and electronics professionals clip the watch to their belt loop, truck mirror, toolbox or other convenient location that would allow them to refer to their Ohm’s law formulas easily.


According to Jim Dorsey, the company’s product design engineer, “Due to its rugged and heavy steel construction, its field durability is clearly obvious.” Jim adds that, “In addition to being a handy ‘tool’ for any tradesman using Ohm’s law formulas for both AC and DC applications, it is also an excellent training aid for those preparing for professional examinations.”


The HangTime ACDC features DC Ohm’s law and power formulas etched onto the flip down cover, and AC Ohm’s law, power formulas and a resistor band color chart on the watch face itself. The new model is complemented with a silver finish and leather detail. The HangTime ACDC also features a Seiko movement, sweep-seconds hand and lifetime warranty. The MSRP for this product is $ 60.00.


TechNote Time Watch Company (, located in Ocala, Florida USA designs, produces, and markets specialty Ohm’s law watches and clocks geared towards tradesmen in the electrical and electronics fields. For more information regarding their company or their complete line of Ohm’s law products, please visit their website,



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