Teknational Announces Record Sales for Q3 2007

Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) October 10, 2007

Teknational, global manufacturer of printed circuit board (PCB) components and thermal management materials, announced record sales for the third quarter of 2007. The company attributed rapid growth to its expanded line of PCB card guides and ejectors.

In May of 2007, Teknational introduced a new line of PCB components after Pentair Electronic Packaging announced it was discontinuing support of Birtcher and Scanbe molded PCB ejectors and PCB card guides. The addition of the Scanbe 11633-series card guides and Birtcherā€™s 26-series card guides supplements one of the most comprehensive inventories of molded nylon card guides available in the electronic packaging field.

ā€œResponse has been overwhelmingā€ said Timothy Bailey, President of Teknational. ā€œFortunately, we were able to anticipate the demand and add production capacity in advance. As a result, our customers have not skipped a beat as we continue to earn their trust in a highly demanding environment.ā€

Teknational has been in business since 1959, offering a complete line of PCB hardware including card guides, ejectors, LED mounts, LED spacers, PPS shoulder washers, nylon circuit board supports, and stamped metal and aluminum heat sinks. It also manufactures and distributes thermal management materials and has a strong presence in the power supply, audio, and LED lighting industries.

Teknationalā€™s world headquarters are located in Fort Myers, Florida USA with expansion plans currently underway in Southern California and Europe. Press inquiries may be directed to Timothy Bailey at (800) 576-9981 or via Teknationalā€™s website at http://www.teknational.com.


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