6WIND Releases Packet Processing Software Optimized for Tileras TILEPro64

San Jose, CA and Paris, France (PRWEB) September 26, 2011

6WIND, the industry standard for commercial multicore packet processing software today announced the availability of its 6WINDGate software with optimized support for the TILEPro64 processor family from Tilera Corporation, the industry leader in highly scalable general purpose manycore processors. Already deployed by a wide range of OEMs worldwide, 6WINDGate enables the development of high-performance, energy-efficient TILEPro64-based equipment for cloud networking and mobile infrastructure applications.


As data and services migrate to the cloud and mobile applications require more bandwidth, designers of equipment for next-generation network infrastructure are required to achieve increased network performance despite demanding power consumption constraints. To meet these challenges, networking equipment must provide best-in-class energy efficiency (performance per Watt) using a hardware and software architecture that can scale to support growth in user traffic. At the same time, while introducing products based on new processor platforms, OEMs need to leverage their investments in proven, proprietary application software.


To address these requirements, the 6WINDGate packet processing software fully exploits the energy-efficient, manycore TILEPro64 processor architecture to deliver IP Forwarding performance of 580,000 packets per second, per Tile on a processor running at 800MHz (64-byte packets). This per-Tile IP Forwarding performance scales linearly with the number of tiles running 6WINDGate until the platform achieves full wire speed. Remaining tiles can be used to run additional value-added networking features or applications.


By maintaining full compatibility with standard Operating System APIs, 6WINDGate enables Tilera customers to quickly develop new applications and/or migrate existing software from another platform, thereby accelerating their time-to-market while reducing their schedule risk.


Were pleased to deliver support for the Tilera TILEPro64 processor, said Eric Carm

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