Thompson Audio Featured in Mobile Electronics Magazine

Prince George, VA (PRWEB) July 19, 2008

Thompson Audio, a provider of audio electronic services and products, was recently featured in Mobile Electronics Magazine. The magazine provides trade information on the latest products, news and resources in the mobile electronics industry.

The article titled “Thompson Audio” explains how the business owners got into the business and what services and products they offer. Marc Thompson, one of the owners of Thompson Audio has been in the business for 20 years and he has seen how the industry has changed and improved throughout the years. He also comments on how online purchasing has affected their business, how the economy has slowed down business and how he has used marketing to improve his brand and name.

‘”It used to be that the completion was like your enemy,'” Thompson said in the article in regards to a recent move in of Best Buy and Circuit City. ‘”Now everyone’s just trying to make a living. We are friendly competition. We know them all; and we call each other if we need a part.'”

Thompson Audio plans to renovate the outside of the building by including a new paint job, new signage and other exterior improvements. “Inside, Thompson has his eyes on building more displays in the showroom to cater to his growing video customers,” wrote Mobile Electronics staff writer. “He also plans to add some marine displays, since the store is located next door to James River.”

About Thompson Audio:

Thompson Audio is located in Prince George and is owned by Marc and Cindy Thompson. The company offers car audio, navigation systems, mobile video, performance bolt-ons, security systems, cruise control, power windows and boat and motorcycle installations.


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