Tiny Micro/sys General-Purpose Microcontroller Board Delivers Low-Cost and Low-Power to Embedded Applications

Montrose, CA (PRWEB) August 8, 2006

A tiny, RoHS-compliant microcontroller boards released by Micro/sys offers a low-power, low-cost solution for the simplest control needs. The MCB08, part of the Micro/sys SNAP series of microcontroller boards, is based on the Freescale HC(S)08 microcontroller, and measures 1.7 x 1.2 x 0.85. This 8-bit microcontroller chip enables the MCB08 to perform at the fastest speed (40 MHz) while requiring a typically low 100mW for power. This is the same draw as a couple of LEDs, which makes battery-operation a possibility, and also means that no cooling is required. This combination of compact size and low-power requirement allows the MCB08 to be used in handheld, bench-top, and battery-operated applications such as monitor/alarm systems, weather stations, and remote instrumentation. The MCB08 operates in extended temperature, -40

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