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Fountain Valley, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Cronote will demonstrate its Remind button at Digital LAs RealTech Startup Showcase next week in Santa Monica, California. The event is on Monday, March 5th and runs from 7:00 pm 10:00 pm at the V Lounge located at 2020 Wilshire Blvd. Cronote will showcase the use of its Remind button in the entertainment industry. Entertainment professionals will receive 100 free reminders and a tutorial on how to integrate the Remind button into their businesses websites. Click here to schedule a reminder about the event: Remind. This link uses Cronote’s Remind button system!

Entertainment companies invest significant time and money into advertising their upcoming products (movie releases, television series, video games, books, events, performances, etc.). Long advertising campaigns are often ineffective because consumers do not remember when the product will be available. The Remind button ensures launch day success by reminding customers about the product when it is released.

Cronote’s movie reminder page – – illustrates the utility of the Remind button in entertainment. It lets moviegoers schedule free reminders about upcoming feature films. Independent entertainment companies can use Cronotes website to make their own Remind buttons. These buttons may be placed on their products webpages or embedded in promotional emails.

Cronote charges a nominal fee (5 cents) per text message reminder and provides unlimited free email reminders. The 100 free reminders offered to event attendees refers specifically to text message reminders. The offer is part of Cronotes initiative to raise awareness about its Remind button in the entertainment industry, the market for which the button was originally designed.

Digital LA is the largest networking organization of professionals and friends who do digital entertainment for movies, TV, web series, music, video games, VFX, marketing, and social media. Digital LA reaches over 30,000 professionals. The monthly showcase features new incubators and startups.

About Cronote

Cronote – – is a service for creating reminders that are sent via text message or email. The Remind button is Cronotes novel website widget that provides a cost-effective way to help customers remember online products. Cronote is a web-based company established in December 2010 by graduate students from Yale University and the University of California, Irvine. Cronote aims to provide quick and easy ways to schedule reminders.


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