Xceive Tuner IC Providing Unique Immunity Feature Suite

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2011

Xceive Tuner IC Providing Unique Immunity Feature Suite

XCeive to provide immunity solutions for Wi-Fi, mobile communications, airplane, and other interferences

Xceive Corporation, the worldwide market leader in RF tuner ICs for TV sets, announced today that it is providing a very unique suite of immunity solutions to be bundled at no extra cost with its television tuners. No other silicon tuner can provide this set of features.

Xceive’s XC5000C is the worlds most highly integrated TV tuner IC with a complete RF tuner function, global multi-standard analog demodulator, and all intermediate frequency (IF) filtering and AGC functions included. The XC5000C, with a much more powerful and flexible DSP architecture than any competitive IC tuner, provides much higher performance and flexible immunity capabilities.

Xceive’s unique ability to handle nonstandard or otherwise difficult signals in every part of the world, even in remote pockets of cities where traditional tuners fail, has long been a hallmark of the Xceive advantage. The unique DSP architecture allows us to develop new solutions for virtually any situation where televisions encounter interference. Adding to this success, Xceive is adding a suite of interference immunity solutions which further differentiate it from the competition.

For example, TV cable reception using traditional TV tuners has long been susceptible to Wi-Fi interference, with many channels rendered unwatchable in the presence of any Wi-Fi adapter. Xceive’s XC5000C tuner IC can provide perfect immunity to any Wi-Fi adapter or access point, regardless of whether the Wi-Fi unit is situated near the TV set or integrated within. As TVs are increasingly being shipped with integrated Wi-Fi, Xceives unique solution resolves a critical problem in the industry today.

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