XEMICS-Enabled Radiotronix 868MHz Module

(PRWEB) October 20, 2004

Radiotronix has just released its XEMICS’ transceiver based popular Wi.232DTS embedded wireless module in a European version, operating in the unlicensed 868MHz band.

The Wi.232DTS module offers a simple, cost-effective way to make any wired application wireless. The built in WiSE™ (Wireless Serial Engine) engine contains a MAC layer protocol, with CSMA, and a wireless RS-232 application. Using the module is as simple as connecting it to a UART-enabled microcontroller and adding an antenna. The module is completely transparent and can operate out of the box with no configuration. In fact, a pair of modules can be connected to a couple of PCs through RS-232 converters and can be used as wireless modems, supporting any RS-232 application such as Hyperterminal.

Although the module is very simple to use, it offers exceptional performance and flexibility. With a 114dB link budget at the maximum data rate, a pair of modules can communicate over distances in excess of 1200 feet (365 m). Some customers have reported 3 miles (4.8 km) line-of-sight. Other key specifications are 15 mW transmit power, 152.34 kbit/s maximum RF data rate, 24 mA receive and 45 mA transmit current consumption. Using a special command mode, the user can change the UART/RF data rate, set the networking modes (master/slave or multipoint to multipoint), set the networking group, change the output power and read the unique 48-bit MAC address. A unique feature of the Wi.232DTS is its built-in carrier-sense-multiple-access with collision avoidance (CSMA-CA) mechanism that uses a proprietary scoring system to promote contention-free communications and to ensure that each node has fair access to the network.

“This is just another example of the value of our partner relationships,” said Steve Montgomery, President of Radiotronix Inc. “Using the XE1203 from XEMICS, with TrueRF™, we were able to build a very high performance, very inexpensive RF module that was scalable. Now it is available in an 868MHz version, opening up new European markets. And, with Future Electronics as a world-wide distributor, it will be readily available to customers abroad.”

XEMICS, a partner of Radiotronix, sells the XE1203 integrated RF transceiver, which is the core of the Wi.232DTS module. With its TrueRF™ technology, the XE1203 requires less filter components, reducing the overall size and cost of the module. “Through our partnership with XEMICS, it is less expensive for an OEM customer to purchase a Wi.232DTS module than to attempt to build a similar solution in-house.”

“XEMICS has undisputed leadership in high-performance ISM-band transceivers and our customers demand the best. Radiotronix has now redefined the price-performance boundaries for compact high-performance RF modules, and our close working relationship with Radiotronix has enabled them to meet and exceed customer expectations” said Rob Whittaker, XEMICS’ transceiver range product manager.

The built in MAC protocol of the Wi.232DTS supports master-less multipoint to multipoint networking, making the module suitable for any embedded wireless application including automated meter reading, wireless sensing, building and home automation and asset tracking. A unique feature of the Wi.232DTS is its built-in carrier-sense-multiple-access with collision avoidance (CSMA-CA) mechanism that uses a proprietary scoring system to promote contention-free communications and to ensure that each node has fair access to the network.

The modules are available in a surface-mount, manufacturing friendly package that supports automated assembly and IR reflow. The overall size of the module is .83” wide x .97” long x 08” thick, making it the smallest self-contained spread spectrum embedded wireless module in the world. The Wi.232DTS module is available in 868-870 MHz and 902-928 MHz versions for the European and North American market, respectively. The European version has 15 channels, while the North American version has 32 channels.

A complete evaluation/development kit is available for the Wi.232DTS. The kit includes two evaluation boards, each with RS-232 and USB ports, two evaluation modules, cables, batteries, antennas, and documentation.

Modules and kits can be purchased directly from Radiotronix or from one of their franchised distributors, Future Electronics or Mouser Electronics. They are in stock and shipping now. Kits are $ 349 US. 10K budgetary pricing is $ 20.33.


Radiotronix is an embedded wireless communications company. We offer component-level and end-user solutions to system integrators and OEMs in the US and around the globe. Our products are value added and solve real problems through the innovative application of technological advances in radio design, embedded wireless protocol and application design, packaging, and manufacturing processes. Key markets include industrial automation, automated meter reading, asset tracking and management, law enforcement and emergency response management, home automation, and wireless sensor networks. Our component-level products are marketed through a growing network of sales and distribution partners. Our end-user products are developed and marketed through strategic partnerships with system integrators and OEMs that have existing sales and distribution networks in the appropriate vertical markets.


XEMICS is a privately owned fabless semiconductor company with headquarters in Switzerland and a worldwide sales and customer support network. XEMICS delivers a range of advanced short-range, customized and standard, wireless connectivity solutions to a global customer base. XEMICS is a leading designer and provider of Wireless RF transceivers and Bluetooth® applications, data acquisition, communication products, CODEC’s and GPS receivers. With a focus on high-quality low cost solutions XEMICS provides a combination of ultra-low power technology and innovative IC design.

For further information, please contact:

Florence Amez-Droz

Public Relations Manager

XEMICS Switzerland

Phone: +41 32 729 4170

Fax: +41 32 729 4001

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: http://www.xemics.com

Bryan Montgomery

Radiotronix Inc.

207 Industrial Blvd

Moore, Ok 73160

Phone: +1 405 794 7730

Website: http://www.radiotronix.com

Trademark Information:

Bluetooth® is a SIG trademark, used under license by XEMICS. TrueRF™ is a XEMICS’ trademark.


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