YABBAS – Yet Another Bare Bones Arduino

This Instructable will demonstrate the building of a bare bones (and really inexpensive… less than $5) Arduino compatible module that can be put together on a small piece of stripboard and can be used either on a breadboard or independently.
YABBAS - Yet Another Bare Bones Arduino
The following links / similar projects were used as inspiration:
The schematic is based off of the Arduino Pro Mini (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardProMini) and only differs in a few minor (optional) ways:
1. This design uses a more powerful voltage regulator
2. This design uses a more precise crystal (instead of ceramic resonator)
3. This design ditches the reset button (do you really need it?)
4. This design uses a 1k (instead of 10k) resistor for the power indicator LED
For more detail: YABBAS – Yet Another Bare Bones Arduino

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