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AvrPhone using ATmega128 microcontroller

AvrPhone is a simple mobile phone with touchscreen. His brain is AVR ATmega128 microcontroller (128 kB flash, 4 kB SRAM) and user interface, the 2.4 “LCD display with touch foil and ILI9325B controller, equipped with a 16-bit bus. The communication with the old GSM module SIM100Sčísnkého SIMCom manufacturer. The entire system is powered by a 3.7 V/1000 mAh Li-Pol article.

AvrPhone lcd

This page is intended to present the phone and publication schemes and some interesting parts of the source code. Detailed information about the hardware can be found in the work Mobile phone touch screen for SOC 2011 (download herePDF, 13 MB).


Testing for solder field

When testing the solder field was probably the biggest and nejnemobilnější touch screen phone in the world :-) To test all the components I made preparations (breakouts), for example plate SIM100S module or with a stabilizer plate LE33 in SMD (non-SMD version does not inhibit pin taken out, which provides switching and MCU display after pressing the button).

For more detail: AvrPhone using ATmega128 microcontroller

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