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Bluetooth based home automation

Bluetooth based home automation, project allows you to control electrical appliances using your android mobile phone. It consists of ATmega8 microcontroller, HC-06 Bluetooth module, Relays.

There are many Home Automation Systems available in our market. Most of these are simple home appliances controlling systems like DTMF controlled home Appliances, IR Remote based home appliances controlling, RF based home appliances controlling. we are going to discuss about Bluetooth based Home/Office Appliances Control (Home Automation System).
Here all circuit details with PCB design, Code and Android application are provided.Bluetooth based home automation
1. Control your home electrical appliances using smart android phone.
2. Simple easy to use Android App to control your devices.
3. Uses Standard Bluetooth Module HC-06. 
4. Digital Switches are provided for manual operation.
5. Low Cost.
Step 1: Components Required
1. Atmega 8 Microcontroller
2. Relays
3. ULN2003
4. LM7805
5. BC548
6. 1K Ohm Resistors
7. Bluetooth Module
8. Buzzer
Step 2: Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing
Download Requires Files
1. Download pdf Complete Circuit DiagramSchematic Bluetooth based home automation2. Download pdf PCB Layout

Layout Bluetooth based home automation

4. Download pdf Component Placement Diagram
5. Assemble components using above files.
Step 3: Programming the controller
Download Hex File

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