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Isabel Healthcare and VoiceHIT Preview New Decision Support-Enabled EHR Technology for Doctors During AMA Interim Meeting

New Orleans (PRWEB) November 01, 2011

VoiceHIT, an innovative New Orleans-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) company, will host a private event in partnership with Isabel Healthcare, a leading diagnosis decision support and knowledge management provider, to preview VoiceHITs first product, Better Day EHR & Documentation Solution. The Better Day EHR combines speech-to-text, mobile devices and web-based technologies in novel ways to streamline clinical documentation and coding and improve care efficiency with the incorporation of the Isabel suite. The two companies will hold the private event for local and visiting physicians in New Orleans during the American Medical Associations (AMA) Interim meeting on Saturday, November 12th, at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center.

Isabel Healthcares clinical decision support system has been integrated into the Better Day EHR software, which offers physicians and other healthcare providers an entirely unique way of

incorporating decision support and access to evidence-based reference knowledge into their natural workflow through their EHRs. The combination of the Better Day EHR software and the Isabel decision support and knowledge management system provide unprecedented efficiencies for busy physicians. The combination has the potential to significantly improve the way doctors and other providers investigate, diagnose and treat patients, minimizing the time to treatment, lowering costs, and increasing quality while reducing the time these providers spend in front of a computer, said Don Bauman, CEO of Isabel Healthcare.

Doctors dislike current EHR technologies because they introduce inefficiencies and add to healthcare providers workloads. To the patient, technology built to improve care disrupts the interaction and is diminishing the quality of the patient-provider relationship, said Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, CEO of VoiceHIT. Were bringing to market new technologies that turn this paradigm on its head by streamlining documentation and removing the computer as a barrier between patients and providers. Our solution represents a better day for healthcare providers while creating measurable improvements in their patients overall health.

Industry data largely affirm this assertion. According to industry studies, an estimated two-thirds of physicians say EHRs produce a negative return on investment by adding numerous new cost burdens and unnecessary steps to work-flow processes. VoiceHIT redefines the EHR model and, along with stalwart partners like Isabel Healthcare, offers a new promise to the healthcare community: nearly eliminate the time you spend documenting and coding encounters and start spending significantly more quality time with patients providing better care, said Dr. Ragusa. The medical transcription, billing and coding industries represent an approximately $ 14.2 billion market.

EHRs and personal health records (PHRs), the type of which patients access from home via the Internet, are becoming increasingly popular thanks to new regulatory mandates in addition to the creation of standards-based guidelines and access to real-time health information. The Better Day EHR automates data collection, cuts transcription costs and shortens documentation time while improving diagnosis accuracy and reducing the time to treatment. Healthcare providers interested in seeing a demo of VoiceHITs Better Day EHR & Documentation Solution can learn more at

Isabel Healthcare offers a web-based application called Isabel, the worldwide leader in diagnosis decision support systems designed to provide essential diagnosis and treatment information at the point of need. For a given set of signs and symptoms, Isabel presents the clinician with a list of likely diagnoses to consider, and each diagnosis is linked to evidence-based literature and medical knowledge to help with further investigation, potential testing and treatment. The Isabel system has been extensively validated over a decade and is currently being used by leading healthcare systems across North America and Europe.

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