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Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Project

The user interface has the following parts.

Output Device: A 16×2 alphanumeric LCD Module is used as the main output device. It can display numbers, alphabets and few symbols. It can show two line and each line can have 16 characters. The backlight enables the text to be visible even in dark.

Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Project

A buzzer beeps when the system receive input from the user and the input is successfully processed. For example if the user presses 10 MIN button to increment timer by 10 min and this is successfully carried out the buzzer beeps. But if the timer is already at the maximum setting (90 minutes) the operation could be carried out, so the buzzer does not beeps.

This buzzer also beeps a few time when the food is ready (countdown is finished)

Controlling Relays

Their are two controlling relay

  1. The microwave relay: this controls power to the microwave function.
  2. The grill relay: this controls the power to the grill function.

Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Pr

Using the Microwave Timer

The first screen of timer asks you to choose one of the operating modes. You can choose from Microwave or Grill functions. Press the respective button on the keypad to choose the mode.

For  more detail:  Microwave Controller using ATmega8 – AVR Project

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