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New PCB Repair Circuit Frames for PCB Repair of Pads and Traces

Rolling Meadows, IL (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

BEST Inc. announces the release of a new line of circuit frames for PCB repair. These circuit frames can be custom laser engraved to match the pads or trace areas requiring repair. The patterns on the frames can accommodate spaces/traces down to 1 mil (0.025mm) These circuit frames are designed to be used for both tin-lead and lead-free processes as they are bright tin finished. The cut outs replace pads or traces on 1oz copper PCBs. Circuit frames are available in both epoxy and dry film versions.

The primary advantage to users of this new development is that customized patterns can be laser machined with lot sizes as low as (1) in a few business days whereas previous chemical etching processes required 2-3 weeks and minimum lot sizes of 12 plus frames in order to be processed.

The micro-etched surface bonded to the PCB exhibits the same assured adhesion strength of BESTs previous circuit frame designs.

Customers like the fact that they can custom order frequently repaired areas thereby saving time in the repair process claims Katy Radcliff, product line manager of Best Inc.

About Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (Best)

Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois Best is a supplier of PCB rework and repair services serving communications, computer, industrial, automotive, avionic and military accounts. In addition BEST is an master IPC-certified training center certifying students and instructors in J-STD-001, IPC-610 and IPC 7711 and 7721 material.

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