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Research and Markets : Today We See Electrical Battery Testers, Electronic Anti-Theft and RFID Tags as the Most Important Sectors of Electronic Smart Packaging

Dublin (PRWEB) July 28, 2005

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Electronic Smart Packaging to their offering.

Already over 50 billion packages have been fitted with electronic smart packaging devices – and now the market is really taking off. This Electronic Smart Packaging report exclusively analyses this extraordinary situation based on the imminent commercialization of the toolkit of technologies which will open up the industry. This includes printed electronics – such as disposable laminar batteries, sensors, displays and circuits – as well as other electronic features such as anti-theft tags and RFID smart labels. These devices are enabling innovative low-cost or disposable packaging to enhance brands, meet new legislation, change consumer lifestyles, beat crime and much more.

Electronic Smart Packaging follows on from our introductory report, Smart Packaging, and reflects the current situation of global electronic smart packaging. The report deals with what will be the dominant market sector – packaging incorporating electronic features. Today we see electrical battery testers, electronic anti-theft and RFID tags as the most important sectors of electrical and electronic smart packaging; but they are only a beginning. A wealth of features and a transformation of the human interface with moving colour images, speech, and other dramatic interfaces will transform the way that packaging is currently presented.

This report shows how electronic and electric smart packaging enhances the traditional functions of packaging – to protect, inform, and promote – but also achieves much more. Conventional electronic components will be replaced by printable circuits and displays that will be cheap enough to be disposable – great news for the packaging industry.

Your key questions answered

What is electronic smart packaging role in the current packaging industry?

Where is electronic smart packaging being used today?

How is the industry adapting to the new technology

How can we eliminate errors and detect threats

What will this technology mean to the human interface?

Which applications will be successful and generate revenue

How is this going to affect the supply chain?

How much influence will standards and regulations have on the deployment of electronic smart packaging?

How will this technology replace the barcode?

How do you make a transparent laminar microphone, loudspeaker or transistor circuit that is cheap enough to be disposable?

How do you co-deposit everything at high speed, even on low-grade plastic film for packaging, on cardboard or on paper?

Who will benefit from this technology and when

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Research and Markets

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