Smart Home Automation using AVR

in this technological world, automatic systems are being preferred over manual system. In this series Home Automation plays an important role for humans. In this unit we talk about basic needs to understand the project well and also for its future advancements.
Smart Home Automation using AVR scamatic
We are going to talk about different types of sensors (i.e. Temperature Sensor, LPG Gas Sensor, LDR) and input and output devices (i.e. 2×2 matrix Keypad, Buzzer, DC Motor, 16×2 Char LCD Display, Power Supply section etc.). Now we are going to Interface all those with the brain of the system ‘Microcontroller (i.e. ATmega16/16L)’ and let’s find out what the individual role of each component are and how they act as Smart Home System together.
Smart Home Automation using AVR
It is the whole control of the project. It controls the DC Motor, Buzzer and when LPG leak occurs, Temperature increases etc. The input/ output ports of the microcontroller is used for this.
LDR is used to check Sun light intensity; so that we can know it is Day or Night.
LM35 Temp Sensor
It is used to measure room temperature and give it to microcontroller for desirable action.
16×2 Char LCD Display
It is used to display all sensors’ value and action taken by system on display.
2×2 Matrix Keypad
It is used for enter password to access the door.
DC Motor
It is used for opening and closing the door.
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