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Stand Alone AVR Programmer

Introduction From project to project the number of hex files on our PC was increasing. Many people send us their virgin ATMegas to get them flashed. And last not least distributing PCB's and pre-flahed chips via agile-hardware forced us to burn many, many AVRs. In principle this is a work an ape should do but reality was different. So we spend munch time in this boring job. To much time ... Thus it was just ...

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Tiny, Tiny, AVR Programmer

WARNING: Turns out this violates a lot of usb safety regulations, and pumps 5v into your usb port. While this is not harmful on a lost of computers, this MAY FRY YOUR PC's usb port. I will post an updated design later this week that is actually safe! Hey all, this is my first post on this blog, so I'd like to say hello! I'm Ian M, a high school student who likes breaking(/fixing(/breaking again)) electronic ...

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USB AVR programmer using ATtiny2313 microcontroller

Introduction. Nowadays, USB is the most popular connection between PC and peripherals such as AVR programmers, printers, scanners etc. For that reason I had to modify my old serial AVR In-System-Programmer (ISP) to work with USB connection. You can say, "use a USB to Serial adaptor to connect your AVR ISP with your PC". Yes, that could be a solution but it would cost me more money than a singe FT232BM chip  ...

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AVR LCD Namebadge Using ATtiny2313

So, you're going to a conference/meetup/nerdfest and you want to do something that sets you apart from normal people.  An LCD namebadge powered by an ATtiny2313 is a great way to do that.  This is a general purpose LCD display unit powered by a 9V battery and a simple voltage regulator circuit (the same 7805 circuit you see absolutely everywhere).  It's no-frills, but it can be etched, drilled and soldered ...

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DIY AVR Programmers

For those who are trying to make AVR kit at home, an AVR programmer which can be simple to make will be really useful, as it'll avoid buying the programmer!! Here I'm giving a few webpage links on how to make a programmers yourself. - Here is a simple AVR serial programmer, works with PC serial port, easy to make For complete info check out the webpage: AVR Serial programmer from - ...

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