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Atmega168 TV-B-Gone

Yes, I know what you are thinking: "oh no, please not another TVBGone..." Anyway, this instructable is for the newbies as me which are still experimenting with Arduino, and prefer to program an Atmega168 in Arduino than an AtTyny85 with other methods. This circuit is based on Mitch Altman's TVBGone and on Ken Shirriff's blog where the software has been modified to match Arduino IC. I then decided to move th ...

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How Television Works

TV Pixels and Your Brain Let's start at the beginning with a quick note about your brain. There are two amazing things about your brain that make television possible. By understanding these two facts, you gain a good bit of insight into why televisions are designed the way they are. The first principle is this: If you divide a still image into a collection of small colored dots, your brain will reassemble t ...

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How Cable Television Works

Adding Channels In the early 1950s, cable systems began experimenting with ways to use microwave transmitting and receiving towers to capture the signals from distant stations. In some cases, this made television available to people who lived outside the range of standard broadcasts. In other cases, especially in the northeastern United States, it meant that cable customers might have access to several broa ...

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NDS and Frontier Silicon to Collaborate on Content Protection for Mobile Digital Television

London (PRWEB) August 30, 2005 NDS, the leading provider of secure content delivery technology for digital pay-TV, and Frontier Silicon - the leading fabless manufacturer of semiconductors for mobile digital television (DVB-H & T-DMB) and DAB digital radio products – have signed a collaborative agreement for joint development and marketing of secure content protection and digital rights management (DRM) ...

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Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe and Entone Technologies Announce Digital Television Alliance

(PRWEB) September 2, 2000 Companies to Develop Solutions for Digital Media Distribution via ADSL London, August 30 2000 – Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) and Entone Technologies has announced an alliance to develop and promote solutions for digital television distribution via broadband networks. The two companies will collaborate on a broad range of networked digital media delivery initiatives in ...

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Analog Devices Enables Hitachi Wireless Video Hub to Deliver Rich HD Entertainment to LCD HDTVs : – ADI’s Advantiv advanced television solutions enable Hitachi’s wireless video hub to deliver crystal-clear HD video content wirelessly to its ultra-thin Wooo UT flat-panel HDTVs.

NORWOOD, Mass. (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 "As demand for wireless digital entertainment increases, ADI's signal processing technology plays an important role in helping Hitachi realize many of its pioneering ideas," said Bill Bucklen, director, Advanced Television Segment, Analog Devices. "ADI's broad portfolio of audio and video signal processing solutions helped Hitachi deliver a compelling HD viewing experienc ...

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