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The Launch of Computer and Electronics Depot Locations Throughout the Country expands to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Edmonton, Alberta (PRWEB) March 23, 2005

Loosely based on the Bottle Depot model, this location will offer a refund on computers, monitors, parts, accessories, and other electronic items, such as televisions, VCRs, satellites, telephone equipment, etc. Unlike other solutions currently available where a fee is charged for disposal of this type of equipment, you are able to receive money back through this program.

Refunds range from $ 0.25 cents for old computers and monitors, $ 1.00-$ 50.00 dollars for newer and working items, to thousands of dollars for certain mainframe systems and telephone equipment. Depot location in Edmonton is 11404 143th Street, right by the EcoStation.

Electronic items collected are inspected and a value is determined based on their reuse value, amount of recoverable materials, be it reusable components, parts, or small amounts of precious metals found on some circuit boards. Your rebate will be a percentage of the recoverable amount.

Tax-deductible receipts are also available for some items from member charities.

Give them a call to check over your Ewaste for possible buried treasures with the assurance all other items will be recycled appropriately keeping the highest environmental standards in mind.

Several locations scheduled to be opened throughout the country to deal with the growing demand for proper disposal. Soon the days of our garbage bins, and landfills being filled up with electronic waste will be over. With a financial incentive to recycle, and a government program aimed to prevent burial of any electronic waste we can count on a cleaner environment for generations to come.

Franchise details and further information available:

Managing Director

Bojan Paduh

Electronic Recycling Association

Calgary office: (780) 455 2088

Toll Free: 1-877-9-EWASTE

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