A Retaining Wall that is Green and Saves Green

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) October 25, 2011

Crane Materials International (CMI) leads the sheet piling industry in providing environmentally friendly solutions and products to the construction and engineering communities. Today CMI announces the release of the SheerScape retaining wall system. This MSE solution is another innovative product that provides a longer-lasting, high-performance and cost-effective solution yet is also sustainable. SheerScapes hybrid technology combines the most advanced engineered geogrid solutions with the inherent strength and performance of sheet piling. SheerScape uses a specially designed and patented PVC sheet piling which offers strength, performance and also allows for a positive, mechanical connection between the grid and the wall.

SheerScape is changing thoughts about how MSE retaining walls should be constructed as the system addresses the key shortcomings of conventional MSE block walls. Those shortcomings include high labor costs, slow installation speed, the need for large footers/foundations and the inability to build in poor soils.

An appealing benefit to the SheerScape system, over traditional MSE walls, is that it can be installed typically in half the time. Often times SheerScape walls can be completed at lower cost because there are less parts & pieces involved, equipment needs are minimal, and fewer labor hours are necessary. Additionally, a SheerScape retaining wall is virtually maintenance free.

SheerScape Retaining Wall Systems do not require foundations, footer systems or the placement of hundreds of blocks and pins like traditional block walls. The sheet piling embedment creates its own foundation while providing superior protection against scour in walls exposed to water. Sheet piling can also give walls the necessary toe penetration to account for poor soils which enables use in flood wall or drainage canal applications.

CMIs commitment to green manufacturing and product development continues with the SheerScape system. Manufacturing the materials for a SheerScape Retaining Wall System consumes less energy and emits less greenhouse gas, leading to both a reduced environmental impact and a lower carbon footprint. The vinyl sheet piling used by SheerScape is over 90% recycled material and is a 100% recyclable product, which may qualify for green building points in programs such as NAHB or LEED. Moreover, the energy required and emissions created transporting and handling SheerScape components are a third of what is required for stone MSE walls.

Better performance, longer life-cycle, lower environmental impact, with substantial opportunity for cost-savings make SheerScape the sustainable, value-engineered choice for retaining walls.

Crane Materials International (CMI) is part of the Crane Group which was founded in 1947. This family owned business is one of the largest manufacturing organizations in North America and the leader in developing new technologies for construction materials. In addition to being the worlds largest manufacturer of synthetic and composite pilings, CMI can also provide proprietary installation equipment, product engineering assistance and a team of experts to support every aspect of your project.

For assistance with your next project, or to speak with an expert in your area, visit http://www.SheerScape.com, or call us, toll free, at 1-866-709-0132.

Crane Materials International: Revolutionizing the Industries We Serve.

SheerScape is a registered trademark.


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