AdaptivEnergy LLC Introduces Energy Harvesting Powered Active RFID Development Kit based on Jennic Ltd's JN-5148 Wireless Microcontroller

Hampton, VA (PRWEB) June 3, 2010

Reliable tagging and tracking of value assets is a critical function for many businesses, especially those with assets requiring security provisions or environmental monitoring. The active RFID tags on these assets are customarily powered by batteries — however, not all applications allow for periodic exchange of hundreds or thousands of batteries. AdaptivEnergy LLC, Hampton, VA, USA has partnered with Jennic Ltd, Sheffield, UK, to offer alternative energy solutions for active RFID tag applications that can offset associated costs and risks inherent with battery powered devices.

Jennics asset tracking platform uses IEEE802.15.4 technology to provide a robust active RFID solution with low power requirements allowing for tags with extended battery life or tags powered solely by harvested energy. AdaptivEnergys Energy Harvesting Active RFID Development Kit can be used as a standalone evaluation and development tool or in conjunction with Jennics JN-5148-based products in existing active RFID applications.

The kit includes a programmable USB dongle (receiver) and a programmable standalone transmitter (tag), that contain JN-5148 wireless microcontrollers pre-loaded with Jennics Active RFID reference design firmware. The tag is affixed to a sensor board, with power provided from either a vibration-based (AdaptivEnergy Ground Transport Module) or thermal-based (Micropelt TE Power-NODE) energy harvesting platform. Weve seen a huge amount of interest in Active RFID for a wide ranging set of applications, said Colin Faulkner, Product Manager, Jennic. The ultra low power consumption of our chips, coupled with AdaptivEnergy and Micropelt energy harvesters using our Active RFID reference design gives developers the complete tool set to develop real world batteryless systems.

The tag uses a broadcast mode to periodically transmit its data. In the Energy Harvesting Active RFID Development Kit, the tag sends its data that includes sensor information as well as onboard temperature and supply voltage level to the receiver. The receiver also acts as a gateway to a PC-based user interface. In a field-deployed application, the tags can roam between readers without energy penalty while readers can be networked together using Jennics own JenNet protocol stack. The 64-bit MAC ID of each tag allows unique identification of goods on business premises or throughout the supply chain.

There is an increasing practicality in deploying energy harvesters within todays low power wireless applications,” states Alexander Edrington, VP Engineering, AdaptivEnergy. We are excited to pair AdaptivEnergy and Micropelt technology with Jennics low power Active RFID reference design this kit is a valuable tool to initiate the implementation of energy harvesting power supplies into larger scale active RFID systems.

The Energy Harvesting Active RFID Development Kit begins shipping mid-June, with product available worldwide at Mouser Electronics ( Visit the SensorsExpo ( June 8th & 9th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois to experience the power of energy harvesting on display in booth 1027.

About AdaptivEnergy LLC:

AdaptivEnergy designs, manufactures, and markets energy harvesting power supply solutions which enable self-sustaining microelectronics. AdaptivEnergy products power wireless sensors and active RFID devices using standard wireless protocols such as Zigbee and WiFi by scavenging energy from the surrounding environment. Headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia, AdaptivEnergy delivers products through its worldwide technology, distribution, and manufacturing network. AdaptivEnergy is the exclusive US distributor for Micropelt GmbH while providing technical and application support for Micropelts thermal energy harvesters. (

About Jennic Ltd:

Jennic is a fabless semiconductor company leading the wireless connectivity revolution by providing wireless microcontrollers for a broad range of applications in the energy, environment, asset tracking and consumer markets. The companys products include state-of-the-art low power wireless microcontrollers, modules, development platforms, protocol and application software, with a focus on IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee and 6LoWPAN standards. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, Jennic provides first-class sales and support worldwide. (

About Micropelt GmbH:

Micropelt GmbH, a 2006 VC funded spin-off from Chipmaker Infineon Technologies and the Fraunhofer Institute IPM, Freiburg, Germany develops and markets the worlds smallest and most effective thermoelectric elements for clean-tech power generation (energy harvesting), sensing, cycling, and cooling. A volume production facility is located in Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. It is scheduled to ramp up to some 10 million devices per year from Q4 2010. Micropelts TE-Power family of thermoharvesters allows for easy exploration of thermoharvesting power budgets as well as for powering existing low-power wireless applications. (


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