An Upcoming Trade Idea – Cascade Microtech (Nasdaq: CSCD)

(PRWEB) December 28, 2004

Cascade Microtech Inc. develops, manufactures and sells wafer probing solutions used to test and measure complex semiconductors in wafer form. With approximately 243 employees, it is the worldwide leader in providing wafer test solutions. Customers of Cascade use their solutions to develop and test integrated circuits and chips for a broad range of products that include fiber optic communication networks, cell phones, handheld devices such as PDAs, wireless laptops and consumer electronics. A major strength of Cascade is that its solutions assure quality and reliability, reduce costly redesigns of chips and improve chip fabrication processes.

Cascade’s clients of more than 800 include each of the 15 largest semiconductor manufacturers such as Applied Materials and Novellus Systems, in the world in terms of revenue. Some of the biggest customers included Agilent Tech, IBM, Intel, Sony and Texas Instruments. According to the Gartner Group, worldwide semiconductor sales are expected to grow to $ 246 billion in 2005 from a level of $ 174 billion in 2003. In order for semiconductor manufacturers to pursue advancements in manufacturing technologies to increase speed and decrease cost of chips, they will need to rely heavily on Cascade to accomplish those feats.

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