Anti-Noise Activist Brings Legal Suit Against "Boom Car" Driver

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) November 22, 2004

Judy Ellis has joined anti-noise activists across the country in trying to restore peace and quiet to their neighborhoods. The St. Petersburg Times Neighborhood Times article describes Judy’s attempts to dissuade 18-year-old Ryan Jennings from being a nuisance and her frustration in trying to remedy the problem. By taking legal action against individuals who persist in denying the rights of their neighbors to peace and quiet in their own homes, Judy hopes to set a precedent and give hope to everyone suffering from this abuse (Case # 04-8116-CI-19).

Loud “Boom Car” stereos are disturbing millions of people every day and the disrespectful drivers are getting away with it because of public apathy and police who do not enforce local noise ordinances. A typical boom car has multiple subwoofers and amplifiers which produce powerful bass that can be heard and felt heard blocks away. Many of these “boom car” enthusiasts say that they like to “feel the music”. Some spend several thousand dollars on their stereo systems. (Many of the cars are probably worth less the stereo equipment they carry). This thumping bass rattles windows and peoples nerves.

Unfortunately, the true motive for many (if not most) of these obnoxious people is to intentionally annoy other people and draw attention to themselves. It is their way of saying “In your face – rules don’t apply to me. It is my right to be as loud as I want, and your rights do not matter”. They believe that it is their right to be as loud as they want because “they live in a free country”. They do not really understand what it means to live in a free country. It does NOT mean each individual is free to do as he pleases, regardless of how it affects others.

“No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.” – Thomas Jefferson

Most people experience this boom car nuisance only occasionally – perhaps while driving or stuck at a stop light with one of these morons next them. However for a large number of citizens, depending on where they happen to live, this problem has become a major disturbance which makes it impossible to sleep, enjoy a meal, sit outdoors, read a book, watch television or enjoy your own music! Many unfortunate citizens are assaulted by this racket in their homes at all hours of the day and night.

The Money Trail


The largest manufacturers of boom car equipment include Sony, Pioneer and JBL. Sony uses the brand name X-Plod with the slogan “Disturb the peace”. Pioneer Electronics slogan is “Disturb, Defy, Disrupt, Ignite”. JBL uses the line, “either we love bass, or hate your neighbors.” One of the largest retailers of car audio equipment is Crutchfield. These companies are well aware of the negative environmental impact their products have, but they consider it their right to continue making and selling it.

Manufacturers and installers of car audio equipment target young males through viral marketing campaigns. Because their marketing falls under the radar of mainstream culture, they have been able to avoid public scrutiny. Their marketing is anti-social and sexist. They explicitly promote the use of its equipment as a means to disturb people and ruin neighborhoods.

Boom cars have given rise to an urban subculture. The car audio industry regularly holds sound pressure level competitions (SPL) to encourage boomers into buying even louder equipment. Professional competitors are sponsored by the manufacturers and recieve thousands of dollars in free audio equipment as means of promoting the brand. Non-professional competitors spend upwards of $ 100,000 on audio equipment for their vehicles. The expensive speakers frequently blow out in competition and need to be replaced, which happens to be very profitable to the manufacturers.

These companies are members of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Along with the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) representing dealers and installers, they have lobbied against proposed noise-pollution ordinances in communities all over America. SEMA created the ‘Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus’ enlisting members of congress to support their agenda. They also enlist car and motorcycle enthusiast clubs to lobby on their behalf on political issues.

Lawsuit information:

Case # 04-8116-CI-19

Pinellas County Circuit Court (6th Judicial Circuit, FLA).

Judith S. Ellis v. Ryan Jennings

Filed 11/16

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