Beardsworth Chooses AxxiTRIALS The Clinical Trials Community Portal Solution

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 27, 2012

AxxiemWebSolutions, a leading provider of digital solutions for the life sciences, today announced that Beardsworth, a full-service contract research organization, has selected its Clinical Trials Portal solution, AxxiTRIALS, for enhanced site communications in support of their Investigator Express program.


This addition of AxxiTRIALSs provides important leverage to our BNet Trial Management System, by offering improved communications to the community of sites participating in a trial said Michael OBrien, Beardsworth President & CEO. We see AxxiTRIALS, with its unique abilities to build a closed community among trial sites, to be an innovative solution to one of the biggest challenges facing global trials timely and efficient communication between Sponsor, CRO and the Investigative Site.


The enhanced communication pathways will provide our CRAs and Project Managers faster access to the sites and will offer a faster methodology to process Start up regulatory packages. The ability to provide a secured E-signature (CoSign) platform will compress valuable time and expense in the collection and tracking of regulatory documents, alone, states Evette Riegel, RN, Beardsworth Sr. Director Clinical Operations.


AxxiTRIALS will be integrated into Beardsworths Investigator Express program and will be a cornerstone of the investigator communication platform.


We are delighted to be working with Beardsworth and their clients, said Susan MH Lewenz, Axxiems President & CEO. AxxiTRIALS is designed to fill an important need that companies have in improving communications between their trial operations teams and the investigators/coordinators at clinical sites. Our Community Portal empowers users by providing a simple and secure way to efficiently distribute, sign, and track time-sensitive documents. Additionally, training materials, including embedded videos, are at the ready for users around the world, with the additional ability to share ideas and best practices via our Forum and Live Chat features. Our goal is to build a sense of community among the trial sponsor and clinical trial coordinators. AxxiTRIALS is also designed to implement quickly and integrate seamlessly with existing systems, like Beardsworths BNet Clinical Trial Management System.


About Beardsworth

Beardsworth Consulting Group, Inc. ( is a fullservice CRO whose service

offerings span all stages of drug development and clinical trial management. With a command of the complex trial, Beardsworths niche expertise focuses on oncology/supportive care and vaccine therapeutics. Beardsworth brings 25+ years of experience, expertise and commitment to provide clinical trial solutions for results, on time, and within budget.

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