Cardsoft, Inc. Collaborates with Renesas Technology America

SAN MATEO, Calif. (PRWEB) November 15, 2005

Cardsoft, Inc. announced today a key partnership with Renesas Technology America, Inc. to deliver its FINREAD solution for the Renesas trusted reader platform for next generation card readers. Cardsoft, Inc. ported its FINREAD middleware to Renesas trusted reader platform which allows card reader manufacturers to offer an optimal level of security to their card readers to eliminate fraud, identity theft, and warrant secure transactions.

Cardsoft, Inc. collaborated with Renesas Technology America to offer a market-ready solution based on the Renesas trusted reader platform to meet the growing need for open architectures for developing secure card readers, in light of the dramatic increase in cybercrime. Utilizing this single open standard platform, the combination of the leading hardware platform and secure middleware allows developers of terminal devices to easily develop and download value added applications that run on a number of fixed and mobile payment devices. Cardsofts software combines with Renesas trusted reader platform brings a uniform and scalable solution, reducing the development time and maintenance requirements, resulting in a large reduction in the total ownership cost.

Both hardware and middleware technologies follow the industry standard specifications to meet the latest security requirements. Cardsofts software, which has been successfully deployed in the market for the past two years, complies with the latest FINREAD Consortium standards, which are endorsed by the European, Far East and US Banking Industry.

The Renesas trusted reader platform combines the proven wide rang of the H8S microcontrollers series along with the high performance, high security of the security IC.

It gives us immense satisfaction to see the increased adoption of our FINREAD technology throughout the industry. We are extremely proud to work with Renesas as one of our key partners. We believe our strategy of combining open systems and unyielding security will accelerate a major shift toward this new generation of exceptionally secure smart card readers that will reduce credit card fraud and cybercrime said Don Sweet, President and CEO of CardSoft, Inc.

“As we see the fast growing need for security to protect eCommerce transactions, the ability to provide an optimal security solution at low cost becomes critical. By partnering with CardSoft, we are providing an off-the-shelf hardware/software solution, enabling economical implementations of PIN-pad based trusted readers on diverse types of electronic transaction terminals. said Kenzo Funatsu, director of business development, advanced solutions group at Renesas Technology America.

About Cardsoft:

CardSoft is a leader in the development of software technology for enabling secure transactions on small fixed and wireless computing devices. With the company’s eAppliance solution, CardSoft has succeeded in establishing a common programming environment for a wide range of small electronic devices reflecting the “write once, run anywhere” philosophy of Java technology. CardSoft is a member of the FINREAD Consortium –, and founded the STIP Consortium. All CardSoft brands and products are trademarks of CardSoft, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

For more information about Cardsoft, Inc., visit Media Contact: Linda Ramos – CardSoft, Inc. +1 650 357-7222 x101 .


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