Epson Updates 16bit MCU "C17" Series Emulator to Include Support for ANT ULP Wireless Connectivity

Cochrane, Alberta (PRWEB) March 19, 2009

ANT Wireless (, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc. (“ANT”) and Seiko Epson Corporation (“Epson”) today announced the inclusion of the ANT ultra low power (ULP) wireless module interface in Epson’s updated C17 development platform. This seamless path to ultra-low power wireless offers a newly integrated development environment with Epson’s C17 MCU.

“Epson is the world leader in portable device LCD control,” stated Brian Macdonald, Director – ANT. “By providing support for ANT radio integration on the C17 development platform we combine the best in LCD display control with ULP wireless connectivity. Consumer products today demand high functionality and efficient wireless and this combination delivers that optimized solution.”

Already in use by leading manufacturers of LCD display sport watches, this unique platform allows rapid development of low power wireless applications using the ANT protocol. It works with Nordic’s AP1 and LO1 radio chips and equips designers with all the necessary tools required to interface ANT radios to the C17 MCU. The ANT DKT3 has also been upgraded to include reference code for interface to the C17 MCU.

“Epson is pleased to partner with ANT in this critical advancement,” remarked Hideaki Yokouchi, GM of the IC Sensor ASSP Business Promotion Dept., Seiko Epson. “ANT is the leading ultra-low power wireless solution available and when combined with the C17 MCU, it enables rapid development of state of the art products.”

Global chip provider Nordic Semiconductor of Norway remains committed to efficient ULP solutions according to Svenn-Tore Larsen, CEO of ULP RF specialist, Nordic. “The availability of an ANT module in Epson’s C17 MCU development platform means engineers can now utilize an RF design tool that combines a proven ULP wireless protocol (ANT), class-leading 2.4GHz ULP transceivers (Nordic), and an MCU technical design environment (Epson) targeted specifically at small ULP mobile device applications,” comments Svenn-Tore Larsen. “This will significantly ease the design challenge and minimize risk.”

Proven and practical, the ANT 2.4 GHz wireless network:

optimizes ultra-low power sensor network applications in sport, fitness, wellness, and home health monitoring.
features reliable data communications, flexible and adaptive network operation and cross-talk immunity
enables wireless connectivity in a new generation of consumer Personal Area Network products with the

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