Federal Electronics Introduces RoHS Conversion Services

Sharon, MA (PRWEB) December 7, 2005

Federal Electronics, a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, has introduced a portfolio of services designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEM) convert and, where necessary, reengineer their products to comply with the European Unions RoHS directive.

These regulations prohibit the sale of new electronic and electrical equipment in Europe after July 1, 2006 if it contains more than trace levels of lead and five other elements.

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The European Unions RoHS directive is rapidly becoming a de facto global requirement, as non-European countries and several states within the U.S. are introducing similar legislation, said Ed Evangelista, vice president, Federal Electronics.

Federals comprehensive solution is designed for companies in the high-mix, high-complexity and low-to-medium volume electronics market niche that are at risk of not complying with the directives deadline. It is focused on helping companies that have limited internal resources to manage the conversion of their products.

In addition to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), the banned substances can be found in wire, cable, connector systems, and even zinc plated sheet metal, said Evangelista. As a vertically integrated EMS provider, we recognize that the directive covers more than just PCBAs and a lead-free manufacturing process. Our services include analysis on interconnect and higher level assemblies as well, he said.

Available as a comprehensive solution or on an as-needed basis, these services include:

Bill of material (BOM) analysis and conversion to RoHS compliant material for copper and fiber optic interconnect, mixed technology PCBA, and higher level assemblies

Assistance in selection of compliant substitutes and second sources

Engineering design assistance where the lack of suitable compliant components results in the need for PCBA redesign

Continual notifications and BOM management as component suppliers issue End Of Life statements for existing components and introduce RoHS compliant parts

BOM cost and lead time analysis during the conversion process

Production conducted within lead-free compliant processes

Federal Electronics is proud to be among those companies who have helped their customers achieve early compliance with RoHS regulations, Evangelista said. Compliance is a critical issue and we are actively assisting customers with their product conversion strategies. Our new RoHS services help ease the burden on OEMs so they can focus their resources on more critical issues.

Federals conversion services are available immediately and additional information can be obtained by contacting 1-401-944-6200 and by visiting http://www.federalelec.com/rohs.

About Federal Electronics

Founded in 1948, Federal Electronics, Inc. is a leading electronics manufacturing services provider. Based in Cranston, Rhode Island, the company serves the needs of original equipment manufacturers by providing comprehensive production solutions that lower cycle times, control and reduce costs, and create flexible supply chains that are responsive to volume variability. For more information, visit http://www.federalelec.com.

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