First Micro-Grid, Distributed Energy Resource Community Coming to California

Stockton, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2011

Sunverge Energy, located in Stockton, CA, announced their advancement in creating the nations first simple, cost-effective energy management system that intelligently distributes generation and storage of renewable energy. The new home energy appliance, called the Sunverge Solar Integration System (SIS), will be featured in a 34 single-family home LEED Platinum housing project located in Sacramento, CA.


As the first private commercial micro-grid project of its kind in California, the project, called 2500 R Street, will enable homeowners to achieve net zero energy efficiency at an unprecedented rate of affordability. At the same time, utilities will gain the ability to dispatch and control their renewable resources discretely or in aggregate; improving utility transmission and distribution, deferring capital asset investment, improving grid reliability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with peak load generation. Groundbreaking for the 2500 R Street project is anticipated for May 2011.


These homes will improve utility transmission and distribution, defer capital asset investment, improve grid reliability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with peak load generation, said Ken Munson, President of Sunverge Energy. While storing electricity was once thought impractical, Sunverge has emerged to disprove that theory. Sunverge immediately saves money for homeowners, improves the bottom line for businesses, reduces local exposure to electricity grid outages and offsets the need for new power generation.


Each 2500 R Street home will contain a solar storage system using the latest in smart grid technology, solar generation and energy storage capability. The goal is to ensure each home generates as much clean energy as it uses, maximizing homeowner utility bill savings. These homes not only save money on energy, but also support national energy independence by offering a renewable alternative to carbon-intensive generation and construction.


There is little to no remaining debate that solar strategies, when combined with storage and energy efficiency measures, are the most cost-effective and accessible ways to achieve sustainable buildings and communities, said Dean Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of Sunverge Energy. By lowering the cost barriers of traditional solar solutions, Sunverge seeks to propel widespread solar adoption, especially among market segments, such as residential, small commercial and multi-tenant properties, that have historically lacked access to necessary financing options.


The Sunverge SIS and the homes at 2500 R Street are engineered to integrate with todays smart grid, aligning with the information-based way that power is delivered, consumed and accounted for. Data accessible throughout the networked grid improves power quality, responsiveness, reliability, efficiency and scalability. A smart grid enables communication between consumers and utilities, triggering automatic adjustments in both supply and demand that save money on both sides.


The Sunverge SIS acts as a gateway that enables utilities to communicate directly with the customers home area network (HAN), helping consumers manage their energy needs more effectively and efficiently, said Munson.


Leveraging storage to yield the maximum benefit of captured energy, Sunverge also reduces the size of each systems solar array.


In powering a typical residence, a traditional PV system saves 30 to 50 percent in annual energy costs. A Sunverge SIS meets the same demand at annual savings of 50 to 70 percent, noted Munson. Lower adoption cost and greater annual savings accelerate return on the consumers solar investment.


In addition to supporting the nations energy solutions, Sunverge continues to support and lead job growth throughout the state; especially in the greater Sacramento area. As Sunverge solutions continue to gain market acceptance, we anticipate adding more than 100 jobs to the California economy between 2011 and 2013, commented Sanders.


Pacific Housing Inc. (PHI), a California nonprofit dedicated to developing quality affordable housing, is developing the 2500 R Street project. PHI has selected Sunverge as the primary renewable energy technology partner for this community project.


Through our partnership with Sunverge, were aligning the goals of our residential consumers and electricity utilities to ensure more reliable energy is available at the best value, said Mark Wiese, President of Pacific Housing, Inc.


Were proud to collaborate with Pacific Housing on this venture to bring affordable, renewable energy homes to Sacramento, said Sanders. The 2500 R Street project should be credited with making clean energy housing affordable through strategic collaboration and green energy advances.


Sunverge is collaborating with the worlds leading renewable technology designers and manufacturers in support of 2500 R Street. BPL Global, Ltd. enables utilities to connect the SIS to the grid, integrating distributed solar, storage and load resources with grid operations through its Power SG

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