GlobalSign Demonstrates iOS Device Authentication Solution for the Enterprise

London, UK (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

GlobalSign (, one of the leading providers of Digital Certificates worldwide, is pleased to be able to demonstrate its new iOS Identity Certificates for iOS Device Authentication at Infosecurity Europe 2012, London. iOS Identity Certificates are designed specifically for use with iOS devices (iPad, iTouch, iPhone, etc.) to allow two-factor authentication to control access to corporate business services such as Exchange, ActiveSync, VPNs, WPA2, and Enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Mobile devices have long been indispensable tools for any Enterprise or employee. The consumerisation of non-PC devices has led to a huge increase in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture within todays business, with IT managers struggling to balance security with executive driven mandates to increase productivity by allowing such devices access to corporate networks.

iOS devices are now dominant in the workplace, accessing cloud services at nearly double the rate of Android. This is not unexpected given that Mobile/Tablet Operating System Trends (March 2012) data by NetMarketShare showed iOS had a 59.87% market share compared with 18.66% by Android. While this increased level of connectivity is beneficial for the Enterprise, opening sensitive business services to mobile device users creates serious security risks and vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

GlobalSign’s iOS Authentication solution mitigates these risks by allowing two-factor, certificate-based authentication. Network Administrators can issue Identity Certificates to known mobile devices, allowing users to access business services without relinquishing employee control of their mobile devices. The solution also allows administrators to ensure devices follow basic security policies, such as activation and minimum requirements for passcodes.

iOS Identity Certificates are managed via GlobalSigns Enterprise PKI (ePKI) solution, a robust SaaS platform for managing multiple Digital Certificates. Key benefits to the ePKI service include:

Easy management of Certificate lifecycles (issuing, revoking, cancelling, reissuing, etc.)

Streamlined distribution of configuration profiles using the iPhone configuration utility,

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