What is 5G mmWave

The millimeter wave (MM wave), also known as the millimeter band, is a spectrum band with wavelength ranging from 30 GHz to 300 GHz, which the International Telecommunication Union also refers to as the extremely high frequency (EHF) band. According to 3GPP, 5G NR (New Radio) mainly uses two frequency bands: FR1, also called the sub-6GHz frequency band, and FR2, which is mmWave. 5G can have several times or even dozens of times the network speed of 4G LTE thanks to the utilization of mmWave.

Advantages of 5G mmWave

You might ask why 5G needs mmWave and why mmWave means higher network speed rate. There are two fundamental reasons: High bandwidth, and abundant spectrum resources.

  • High bandwidth

Compared with sub-6GHz, the millimeter wave frequency band can provide higher bandwidth. The wider the bandwidth, the higher speed rate that can be supported. Take trucking as an example. The transmission of data is like the transportation of goods between two stations. The goods on the truck are the data that needs to be transmitted. The road between the starting point and the ending point is the electromagnetic wave we use.

In order to quickly deliver all the goods to the other end, we can increase the lanes to increase the number of trucks that can travel at one time, which is to increase the bandwidth. The more lanes, the more trucks can drive through in a unit time. In other words, the higher the bandwidth, the more data can be received in a unit time, which is undoubtedly a faster network speed as well as low latency.

  • Rich resources

As the wireless communication technology developing from generation 1 to generation 5, the frequency of electromagnetic wave they used is getting higher and higher. The sub-6GHz frequency band is already very crowded, with plenty of wireless communication services interfering with each other. The available spectrum resources below 6GHz are increasingly scarce. Therefore, in order to have a higher network speed, 5g must explore more frequency resources.


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