How2Power Spotlights Power Management Issues In Digital Media Products

Smithtown, NY (PRWEB) December 8, 2010

How2Power Today, a monthly newsletter presenting innovative design techniques for power conversion in electronics, presents a new monthly feature called Powering the Digital Media World. In this column, technology writer Ashok Bindra explores power management challenges confronting designers of communications, computing, and consumer electronics equipment, while describing the new technologies that are being developed to address these challenges.


Bindras first column, Mobile Devices Drive System-Level Approach In Managing Power for Application-Specific Chips focuses on requirements for functional integration in products such as smart phones, portable navigation devices, and ebooks. As Bindra explains, these mobile electronic devices have complex power management needs because of the numerous electronic functions they contain. These functions include microcontrollers, digital signal processors, audio codecs, audio and RF power amplifiers, radio transceivers, interfaces, and LED drivers.


The traditional approach to powering these functions has been to optimize the electrical parameters of standalone power management devices and deploy multi-chip solutions. However, several semiconductor suppliers are touting the benefits of an integrated approach that not only combines power management functions but also numerous others including MCUs/DSPs on a single chip, says Bindra. In this article, Bindra discusses the semiconductor technologies needed to implement this integrated approach, identifies some of the semiconductor suppliers who offer these technologies, and describes their efforts to create system-level solutions for power management.


Future installments of Powering the Digital Media World will address power management concerns in various types of equipment used in communications, computing, or consumer electronics. This column is intended to inform the electrical and electronics engineers who design and develop products for these applications.


Ashok Bindra is uniquely qualified to write about the latest power management design challenges in cutting-edge digital media products. With his over 25 years experience reporting on electronics technology, his experience in industry, and his advanced degrees in physics and engineering, Bindra brings invaluable perspective to his discussions of the latest technological developments, says David G. Morrison, Editor of How2Power Today.


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Powering the Digital Media World is sponsored by Integrated Device Technology, the San Jose, Calif.-based provider of mixed-signal semiconductor solutions that enable the digital media experience. For more information on IDT, see


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