InvenSense Introduces the World's First MotionApps Platform for Embedded System Developers

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) May 02, 2011

InvenSense, Inc., the leading solution provider of MotionProcessors for consumer electronics, today announced its Embedded MotionApps Platform library software (Embedded MPL), optimized for embedded microcontroller applications. Based on the InvenSense production-hardened MotionApps Platform for smartphones and tablets, Embedded MPL and the companion MPU-3000 and MPU-6000 MotionProcessors provide a complete solution that delivers 6-axis MotionFusion data encompassing 3-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers, optimized for 8-bit embedded microcontrollers with limited MIPS and memory. An estimated 200 million devices will be shipped over the next 4 years into products such as TV remotes, toys and wearable sensors for health, wellness and fitness. MotionProcessing will be the key enabler for these applications, creating new and powerful ways for users to control and communicate with these small form factor devices. Embedded MPL addresses major development challenges and helps accelerate development and time to market by providing a complete solution.

Traditionally, the challenge for developers has centered on managing the complexities of processing raw sensor data and the development of algorithms for sensor fusion and motion sensor calibration. Embedded MPL tackles these challenges head-on by providing system developers a solution encompassing software, algorithms, BSPs for leading microcontroller architectures and a simple Application Programming Interface (API) for data access and control. In conjunction with our first partner, Atmel

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