Kinaxis Customer, Teradyne, to Speak at Technology Forecasters Inc. Quarterly Forum

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) September 12, 2006 –

Kinaxis Inc., a provider of an on-demand Response Management service, today announced that Jim Wood, supply chain information systems director for Teradyne Inc., will speak at Technology Forecasters Inc.s (TFI) Quarterly Forum taking place September 13-14 in Boston.


During the case study session titled Increasing Visibility, Coordination and Response across the Extended Supply Network, Wood will provide an in-depth look at how Teradyne, an automatic test equipment provider, empowered its relationships with contract manufacturing partners by increasing coordination across its extended supply network to improve operations performance and assurance in achieving mutual goals.


As a brand owner who has outsourced a large portion of its manufacturing operations, Teradyne operates in a “virtual enterprise” of interconnected manufacturing partners. The shift to contract manufacturing inherently limits visibility into supply chain data, but Teradynes Glass Pipeline system, facilitated by Kinaxis RapidResponse software, reinstates upstream visibility to optimize supply network flow.


In addition, Keith Hamel of the Kinaxis business development group, will round out this case-study discussion with a brief synopsis of the business challenges for brand owners as the outsourcing model further permeates the market. He will also explore the value and business benefits to companies developing a multi-enterprise Response Management competency.


The TFI Quarterly Forum provides members the opportunity to receive new TFI reports on market data and forecasts, learn more about the latest industry trends and case studies, and discuss best practices and strategic issues with leaders in outsourced manufacturing. The 3rd Quarter September meeting will feature research and lively debate on the most critical, member-driven issues.


Additional information on TFIs Quarterly Forum can be found online at:, or by contacting Jennifer Read at (623) 293-6985.


About Teradyne


Teradyne (NYSE:TER) is a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment used to test complex electronics used in the consumer electronics, automotive, computing, telecommunications, and aerospace and defense industries. In 2005, Teradyne had sales of $ 1.08 billion, and currently employs about 4,000 people worldwide. For more information, visit


About Technology Forecaster Inc.


TFI delivers strategic research and consulting services for making effective global outsourcing decisions and meeting environmental requirements profitably. TFI’s international team of seasoned consultants and analysts provides clients with a unique combination of information, consulting services, resources, and peer interaction through TFIs Quarterly Forum for Electronics Manufacturing Outsourcing and Supply Chain – the only member-driven research community for electronics companies, their manufacturers and suppliers. TFI Founder Pamela J. Gordon wrote the book Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment.


About Kinaxis


Kinaxis stands alone in delivering an on-demand Response Management service that drives operations performance management for brand owners and contract manufacturers. RapidResponse extends beyond supply chain planning systems to enable global leaders such as Casio, Coty, Honeywell, Jabil Circuit, Raytheon and Benchmark to access real-time information; quickly collaborate to reach optimal decisions that align with corporate objectives; and rapidly drive effective action when faced with constant changes. For more information, visit the Kinaxis web site at or the companys blog at



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