List of the Top 10 Best European PCB Companies

PCB boards of proficient PCB Companies improve electronic devices’ mechanical, electrical, and physical features. They are the backbone in all electronic devices. To get trustworthy PCB types for our electronics, you need to purchase them from expert PCB Companies.

List of the Top 10 Best European PCB Companies

Finding an experienced and reliable PCB manufacturing company is difficult. However, various PCB companies fabricate and provide PCBs online. You can search the websites of such PCB Companies to look for their capabilities, and they can design, fabricate and assemble your electronics.

In the European electronics industry, you can find PCBs from reliable PCB Companies in airplanes, laptops, satellites, and even on your personal mobile phones. This article will discuss the top ten PCB Companies in Europe that can provide you with amazing circuits at the most reasonable prices.

Ruwel Group

Ruwel group is one of the best Germany-based PCB Companies that can fabricate reliable and economical PCBs for your advance to simple electronics. It is one of the best PCB Companies in Europe that fabricate specialized PCBs for automobiles and renewable energy devices.

It is among the oldest renowned PCB Companies in Europe that operate in Asia and America as well and produces high-tech PCB and electronic products at the most economical rates.


Multek is another one of the top Europe-based PCB Companies that design, manufacture, and assemble PCBs using the latest technology. It is among the ISO-certified PCB Companies located in Europe and ensures that each of its electronic products meets that specification.
Like leading PCB Companies in Europe, they can fabricate various types of PCBs like rigid-flex, HDI, RF, etc. Like other leading PCB Companies, they are experts in manufacturing and designing custom, quick turn, and prototype PCBs and PCBAs.

PCB Arts

PCB Arts is among the most reliable German PCB Companies that design and fabricate PCB circuits AND other electronic goods. As one of the experienced PCB Companies, they use software like Eagle, Altium, and Circuit Studio to create the finest PCBs for you.
As a leading PCB Companies, their services include PCB designing, 3D modeling, testing for EMV, PCB Prototyping, PCB-based electronic product testing, and development.

NCAB Group

Another popular PCB manufacturer in our top ten PCB Companies list is the NCAB group. It is one of the most well-known PCB Companies in Asia, Europe, and North America and operates in 16 countries.
As one of the leading PCB Companies, they can fabricate rigid, rigid-flex, aluminum, high frequency, HDI, and other PCBs at the best prices due to their experience and use of the technology.

Wurth Elektronik

Wurth Elektronik is one of the top Germany-based European PCB Companies. They have three successful PCB Companies in Germany that fabricate high-volume to medium-volume reliable PCBs. Like professional PCB Companies, they offer outstanding customer support during fabrication and after the sale.
It is one of the biggest PCB Companies in Europe, with thousands of workers who create, design, assemble and manufacture reliable PCBs and PCBAs for you.


Beta LAYOUT is another popular German PCB manufacturer in our top European PCB Companies list. They have two PCB Companies in Germany and also have branches in South Africa and Ireland, and as one of the top PCB Companies in Europe, they have 30 years of PCB manufacturing experience.
Like expert European PCB Companies and suppliers, they have several in-house testing methods to fabricate reliable PCBs for you. They are ISO and UL certified in PCB manufacturing and assembling.


LAMIREL PCB is of the prominent Czech-based European PCB Companies that manufacture and supply reliable and economical PCBs and PCBAs all over Europe. It is among the ISO-certified European PCB Companies that fabricate PCBs on IPC and other international standards.

Like experienced PCB Companies, they can design, fabricate and assemble single to multilayer rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs. It is one of the most experienced PCB Companies in the Czech Republic that offer manual and automatic assembling of your PCB boards.


Eurocircuits is one the outstanding PCB Companies that design and fabricate reliable printed circuit boards and assemblies. They are among the best German and Hungarian PCB Companies. As leading PCB Companies annually, they fabricate over a million PCBs and have thousands of customers.
Like popular PCB Companies, they offer software for designing and other free resources that aid PCB designers and fabricators.

Shennan Circuits

It is one of the top China-based PCB Companies that operates in Europe and fabricates advanced PCB circuits. Like leading PCB Companies, they have expanded from China to the USA and have European research facilities.
Like popular PCB Companies, their PCBs are utilized in the telecommunication, medical, aerospace, and other important electronic fields. You can contact them for high-tech PCB designing, manufacturing, and assembling they deliver worldwide.

Hemeixin PCB

Hemeixin PCB is another China-based PCB Company among our top ten European PCB Companies due to their quality services, advanced technology, and highly professional customer service that quickly solves your PCB issues.
They are among the best online PCB Companies that fabricate and deliver the best quality PCBs and PCBAs to you worldwide. Hemeixin HDI PCB website is a well-developed online shop where you can select and order custom, prototype, and quick-turn PCBs at the best prices.
They are among the ISO, IPC, UL, and TS-certified PCB Companies and have decades of experience in PCB designing, assembling, and fabrication using the best material, software, and technology. They are capable of fabricating almost every type of printed circuit board for your name.
Like professional PCB Companies, they fabricate and deliver quality PCBs to you as per your specification in committed lead times at the time of order placement. You can contact them for the finest PCBs at the most market-competitive rates.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed the top ten European PCB Companies that supply and fabricate world-class and most economical PCBs for your use of the best facilities and delivering throughout Europe. However, among these PCB Companies, our first preference is Hemeixin PCB.

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